Pocket Aces, a digital entertainment startup, has reduced its workforce by 25%.

The interactive media company said in a statement it is reconsidering its business strategy to rely on more freelance writers for lengthy subject matter. Pocket Aces, headquartered in Mumbai, had also laid off 50 of its own 200 comprehensive staff, or 25%, in order to reduce costs and then become financially viable in the coming period.

“Even though we persist to walk towards our dream towards becoming culture founders who positively impact individuals through our subject matter and product lines, humans had to take a few difficult but essential measures to keep our organizational structure nimble as well as adaptable,” a corporation spokesman confirmed Your Story.

The Economic Crisis was the first publication to disclose on the advancement. Staff members from the commercial organization, post-production, as well as information team members would be impacted more by cutbacks.

Pocket Aces raises US$14.5MN for mobile-first digital entertainment ...

“We sincerely concern ourselves with the individuals who really are departing one another, and we’re going to assist them with additional funding, continuing health insurance coverage as well as financial support with their transformation. We would also keep on working as freelance writers with a number of people as well as facilitate those with outplacements “She continued with her statement.

Including its connectivity Gobble (culture), Dice Mainstream press (top quality protracted television show), Nutshell (entertainment news), as well as FilterCopy, the corporation seems to have 35 million monthly active users as well as 700 million month – to – month viewpoints throughout different social media platforms (short fiction). This also maintains Clout, a connection including over 100 electronic performers as well as thought leaders. The company’s shareholders include Sequoia Capital, North Base Mainstream press, 3One4 Investment, DSP Team, as well as Infosys. “This has been extremely difficult to say final farewell to a number of our experienced staff friends and colleagues.

Nevertheless, we should continue to develop our production systems in order to stay nimble inside the midst of shifting viewership choices “In reply to this advancement, Aditi Shrivastava, Founder as well as Chief operating officer of Pocket Aces, asserted.