New Porsche K1 is rapid seven-seat luxury EV for 2027

Porsche’s reveals sporty off-road luxury electric SUV K1
K1 is said to be positioned above the ever-popular Cayenne and Macan models

Porsche reveals that it is in deep development of a new SUV that is much different from the earlier models. It is a sporty off-road luxury electric SUV called K1. The automaker already confirmed last year that the launch of K1 will put the vehicle positioned above the ever-popular Cayenne and Macan models.

New Porsche K1 is rapid seven-seat luxury EV for 2027
Image credits- Autocar

Porshe looks to build on the success it has established with the Taycan EV after producing its 100,000th model in November. The Taycan is expected to be followed by an electric Macan in 2024, an electric Porsche Boxster or Cayman two-seater in 2025, and finally, an electric Cayenne is planned to roll out in 2026. With plans to already electrify its top two selling models over the past decade with Cayenne and Macan EVs set for launch, Porsche’s fifth electric model is unlike anything we’ve seen from the brand.

The new flagship luxury electric SUV will feature seven seats (a first from Porsche) and advanced off-road capabilities. The K1 electric SUV is designed to help Porsche expand its position and brand in the luxury segment. With Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls Royce all releasing their luxury SUVs (that are selling), Porsche wants a piece of the higher margin segment.

High performance

According to a new report from Autocar, the K1 off-road electric SUV will offer the latest in synchronous electric motor, high-performance battery, and fast charging technology. Although Porsche has not confirmed a design, its basic appearance is said to include a unique silhouette, short bonnet, and curved roof that extends into a liftgate-style tailgate. Powertrain details are also scarce, but since the new electric SUV will share a production line with the Macan, it’s expected to ride on the Porshe/ Audi co-developed PPE platform.

The EV is already well into development with three years of designing and planning. However, insiders tell Autocar it’s more than likely to sit on an upgraded version of the electric platform for faster charging while incorporating elements from its Mission R concept debuted in 2021. A few of these developments could include a 920V electrical system, a high-performance battery pack (with energy capacity over 100kWh), and a WLTP range of over 435 miles. For added off-road capabilities, the K1 is said to feature a “considerable ride height” in extreme driving modes, electronically controlled four-wheel steering, and adjustable ground clearance via air suspension. According to insiders, buying the luxury off-road EV will cost you well over the price of the £150,500 (about $181,000) Cayenne Turbo GT. Porsche looks to launch the flagship K1 luxury electric SUV in 2027, with production slated at its Leipzig factory alongside the Macan and Cayenne models. When launched, North America and China are expected to be their biggest markets.