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Pokemon Legends Arceus Trailer Released

The Pokemon Company has just released a new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which tells a lot about the upcoming game. In addition to viewing the Arc Phone and tons of customization options for your character, the trailer features the Guardians and the Noble Pokémon they hold, including the new evolution of Scyther Kleavor. The trailer gives us a good look at a unique new Pokemon adventure as Game Freak aims to reinvent the Pokemon series. The developer aims to make a Pokemon game like no other, with a new type of gameplay elements and setting that the franchise has not seen before.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Credit @ Nintendo

Game Freak, the longtime guardian of the Pokemon RPG series, is releasing a bold new game THIS year: Pokemon legends: Arceus, it is a prequel to all previous Pokemon games, and it looks like it could be something that brings a real turning point in the franchise. Combining fast-paced gameplay with the series’ familiar RPG mechanics, Pokemon Legends: Arceus challenges you to explore beautiful landscapes and sneak, dodge and fight as you try to catch creatures old and new. Pokemon Legends Arceus is vastly different from any other effort they’ve seen in the series so far, aiming to expand on the open-world elements in Pokemon Sword and Shield. While the trailer didn’t make it easy for players to mix, mingle, swap, and fight like Pokemon Sword and Shield Wilds did, we wanted to bring something similar to this new game.

There are also new cutscenes, so if you’re anxious to get your hands on the game, you should probably watch this latest trailer for a fresh look at some of the features already revealed. That continued today with a new six-minute trailer posted to Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account, and while the videos are all in Japanese, it still gives us a great glimpse into what lies ahead in the Hisui region. Namely, locations, pocket monsters, and NPCs that we will meet. Despite being in Japanese, it still gives coaches a good look at how the game will play out, featuring six minutes of landscapes, Pokémon, people, and suggested settings. It also delves into the mechanics of stealth, turn-based combat that uses Pokémon’s speed characteristics to redefine the order of attack, and what’s happening in the Hisui region.

We know the game will revolve around creating regions first with the Pokedex, a task that will likely be entrusted to you by an as-yet-unnamed Pokemon professor. We know from previously established knowledge of Pokémon that Arceus is believed to have created the Sinnoh region and possibly the entire Pokémon world; the keepers of the lake Uxi, Azelf, and Mesprit; and the creative trio Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. The mythical Pokemon Arceus also plays an important role in the story.

This game takes us back to the earliest moments in the series’ history, in the region known as the Emerald Region, which would eventually become the Shinno region. We’re exploring the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl/Gen 4 homeland of Shenno, but there’s a period in Pokémon history that developer Game Freak describes as “a distant era”. Players will return to the Shannon region from the Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl games, but long before these game events take place.

While the term “open-world” isn’t officially used to describe the game, it does appear to be, meaning more exploration and freedom than any Pokemon game before it. As you keep catching and fighting Pokemon, Arceus is heading towards an open-world structure that basically turns Pokemon Sword and Shield Desert into a full-fledged player. Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be compatible with Pokemon Home in 2022, although at this time we don’t know if the new Pokemon will carry over to existing Pokemon games. For now, all we know is that Pokemon Legends Arceus is being developed by Game Freak and will be released on Nintendo Switch this year.

The latest series in the franchise Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl was just released late last year and it seems like Nintendo is increasing its library of Pokemon Switch games. Game Freak is the genius behind the iconic franchise that has become a seismic brand over the past 24 years as players explore the wider worlds of Kanto, Joto, and more to capture them.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Credit @ Nintendo

The latest trailer reveals a slew of new Pokemon variants and evolutions we’ll be discovering in the upcoming adventure, and the official Pokemon Legends website has more details on these additions. Given that the game takes place in the Shinno region, it’s not surprising that there are a lot of Gen 4 Pokémon on this list, and it seems reasonable to assume that their evolved forms might also appear in the game. For longtime fans of the series, introductory Pokémon from three different generations of games will be included.

In fact, it comes down to saying that the story of Pokemon Legends: Arceus unfolds “before there were any ideas like becoming a Pokemon trainer or starting a Pokemon League.” The Alpha Pokémon will clearly play a big role in the journey, likely involving the bright red-eyed Pokémon (which Arceus was spotted with earlier) and the golden glow at the end of the trailer, but it’s clear that players will find out more about the mythical Pokemon that is said to have shaped the universe.

Pokemon surprised fans by announcing two new games set in the Shinno region during its 25th-anniversary Livestream. Pokemon Legends Arceus has earned a well-deserved time in the spotlight at Pokemon Presents, giving fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the upcoming open-world game, from new Pokémon like Basculegion and Wyrdeer to new combat-style attacks. We’re likely to see more footage of Pokemon Legends Arceus soon, so be sure to check out Techstory for all the latest Pokemon news. It’s hard to say exactly what to do with the trailer, but as we get closer to release, it adds a little bit of Arceus mystique.




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