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Polestar begins single motor Polestar 2 deliveries in the US

Polestar begins deliveries of Polestar 2 with a single motor in the US. It has a range of 270 miles, which is 37 miles more than the earlier 2021 model. It is also 21 miles more than the 2022 dual motor trim model. Prior to the deliveries, the company opened doors for test drives and orders for the long-range single motor Polestar 2 in the US.

Polestar has begun US deliveries of the Long Range Single Motor Polestar 2, and we got a chance to drive it

Image credits- Electrek

Furthermore, the vehicle is Polestar’s most affordable to date and will give consumers more access to its vehicles with a lower price point. It is known that the Single Motor trim of the Polestar 2 will start at $45,900, while the Dual Motor configuration sits at $51,200. After the $7,500 incentive, the Single Motor Polestar 2 will come down to $33,400 in some states with additional incentives in areas like New Jersey.

Earlier, the Single Motor trim level of the Polestar 2 was only available to pre-order in the U.S. But, Polestar announced that deliveries of the vehicle would begin this week, with test drivable models at its two dozen retail locations around the United States. The EPA rates the Polestar 2 Single Motor vehicle with 270 miles of range. It packs an identical battery pack as the Dual Motor trim, a 78-kWh battery pack with 231 horsepower and 243 pound-feet of torque. Also, the powertrain is front-wheel-drive, and thanks to its capability to charge at 150 kWh with a DC fast charger, the Polestar 2 can gain 80 percent charge in just 40 minutes.

North America

In a press release, Polestar confirmed the inbound availability of the Single Motor Polestar 2 in the US, as the company’s least expensive vehicle to date, albeit the longest range. Gregor Hembrough, head of Polestar North America, spoke to the news, “The single-motor Polestar 2 can be had for well under $35,000 in states like New Jersey, making it one of the most compelling offerings on the market. All variants of the Polestar 2 exude the brand’s leadership in cutting-edge technology with the Google infotainment system, premium sustainable materials, and unparalleled avant-garde design.”

For additional money, the Polestar 2 can be upgraded to either a “Plus” or “Pilot” pack, which includes upgrades like a heat pump for extended range and enhanced driver assistance features.

The first drive experience was shared by @ScooterDoll on Electrek. Stating, “Overall, I really enjoyed my time with the Polestar 2. From the outside, I loved the black exterior when it pulled up, especially that all black “grill” that sort of completes the front end. The two-toned interior was sleek and well designed, offering a premium yet sustainable styling inside.”



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