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Porsche claims its synthetic E-Fuel gas is just as clean as an EV

Porsche, without a doubt, is one of the ace carmakers worldwide. From the production of their sports car to venturing into a model more luxurious, the company has always owned the game throughout its foundation. The dear company has now set its new venture into the making of synthetic fuel. As the carmakers claim upon researching, that synthetic fuels are as harmless as electric vehicles.

As per the vice president of Porsche Motorsport and GT cars, Frank Walliser, the fuels do not produce any emission, hence solving a pollution-free environment. He also said that traditional cars can now be run on these synthetic fuels with zero pollution.

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During the release of the new model of 911 GT3 debut on the E-fuel on Wednesday, it was told that the EVs are entirely safe and “guilt-free.” they also explained how the emissions associated are being calculated regarding the fuel. it was said that ” the real story is, there are emissions attached to electric cars long before they hit the road.”



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