Portronics Bounce-2 Bluetooth Speaker

Are you always on the lookout for music wherever you go? Then, we have the perfect solution for you. We all want to take our music on the go. Beat your classroom, office, or just your dorm room, music adds elements of fun everywhere. If you relate to this, then we have the perfect solution to all your musical needs. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker, try Portronics Bounce-2 Bluetooth Speaker.

If you do not want to get caught with all the messy wires that the other speakers have intact with them, then a Bluetooth speaker is the right choice for you. Portronics offers you a wide range of Bluetooth speakers to choose from. They are easy to use, convenient, and even budget friendly.

The Portronics Bounce-2 speakers are available in the classy black color so that you can take them with you anywhere you want. They add a tinge of class and elegance to your overall personality. It is an epitome of beauty in itself.

This Bluetooth speaker is also reasonably priced so that anyone can afford it. Good music is within the reach of everyone with Portronics Bounce-2 speakers now.

With the Portronics Bounce-2 speakers, you can watch movies, listen to music, or simply play games without any disturbances. It can easily fit in the smallest pocket of your backpack without any hassles. These Bluetooth speakers are the best and most affordable choice for you.

Features of the Portronics Bounce-2 Speakers:

1. Compatible with all devices

The Portronics Bounce-2 speakers are compatible with all types of devices, be they iOS, Windows, or Android. You can easily connect your device to this Bluetooth speaker without any hassles. Be it your laptop, phone, tablet, or even television. Most of these devices have a specified limit of sound that can limit your listening experience. With the speakers, you can enjoy a seamless listening experience that is not limited to anything.

2. Long Playback Hours

We are often worried about our speakers running out of battery. This is not the case with the Portronics Bounce-2 speakers as they take only an hour to be charged and provide functioning for about 5 hours. It has USB Type-C charging that makes charging easier and faster.

3. Travel Friendly

At a small, elegant, and convenient size, this speaker can be carried anywhere you go. It is very lightweight as well. It weighs only 180 grams which makes it practically as light as a feather. Additionally, it also has a nylon holder. It makes it easier to carry anywhere you go. It is the speaker of your dreams.

4. In-Built FM Radio

One of the most striking features of the speaker is the in-built FM radio. Even when you’ve nothing to play, the FM radio can keep the environment alive and musical. It is manufactured in India by keeping the needs of every music lover in mind.

5. Easy Connectivity

The Portronics Bounce-2 speaker has dual connectivity which means you can connect it via Bluetooth as well as a USB flash drive or even a Pendrive. This makes connectivity extremely easy. Even when you’ve music on your connecting devices, you can still play music.

6. Powerful Speaker

With this speaker, you can listen to music at the 5-watt sound. You can relax in your room and listen to music.


12 Months

Final Words

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is compatible, travel friendly, and even affordable, then the Portronics Bounce-2 is the best choice for you. It is one of the best things that you will invest in if you are a music lover. Regardless if you listen to Taylor Swift or Coldplay, this speaker will be the go-to option for you. The main feature of this speaker is the fact that it will not hamper your listening experience at any cost. It is customized to suit all your needs.

So why wait? Order your Portronics Bounce-2 speakers today! Enjoy seamless music at your fingertips.