General Atlantic planning for IPO
General Atlantic planning for IPO

Private Equity firm General Atlantic planning for IPO

General Atlantic, a private equity firm headquartered in New York City, is reportedly planning to conduct an initial public offering in the coming months.

According to a report by Bloomberg News, the investment firm is in consultation with its advisors regarding how and when to go for an initial public offering the firm.

The firm, which was founded 42 years ago in 1980, by Charles F. Feeney is currently one of the largest fund managing companies in the world with more than 84 billion dollars worth of assets currently being managed. Charles F. Feeney is cofounder of Hong Kong-based travel retail stores chain, DFSS Group.

Even though the talks are going forward regarding IPO of the firm, there has been no confirmation regarding when the IPO will happen. Some economists and journalists are of the view that initial public offering would be delayed up to next year if the market continues to volatile as it is now.

Concerns about a possible recession in the United States of America would also be a big element in determining when the company will move for an initial public offering.

There have been no confirmations or statements from General Atlantic so far regarding the report on the initial public offering.

History and Management of General Atlantic

What started as a small investment team in Atlantic Philanthropies by Charles F. Feeney currently has offices in 15 locations around the world. Most of the offices are concentrated in the United States and Europe alone. Few main offices of the firm are located in London, New York, Shanghai, Mexico City and Singapore.

General Atlantic Headquarters
General Atlantic Headquarters

Nearly 450 employees are working under General Atlantic in various segments and posts. The firm is currently working with nearly 227 investment professionals to handle 200+ company portfolios.

According to the company website, the asset management firm predominantly focuses on six sectors, which are climate, consumer, financial services, health care, life sciences and technology.

Some key people in the investment firm are William E. Ford, who is currently acting as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Atlantic.  Mr Ford is joined on Management Committee by Gabriel Caillaux, Andrew Crawford, Martín Escobari and Sandeep Naik to name a few.

Data from Bloomberg shows that the main investors in the portfolios handled by General Atlantic are South Carolina Retirement Systems, the Employees’ Retirement System of the State of Hawaii, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and the Kohlberg Foundation.

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation was founded in 2008 by Peter G. Peterson, cofounder of the Blackstone group.