6 Steps To Carry Out Before Launching The Product !


Launching a product is easy, but getting people’s attention towards your product is not an easy task. So , how can you do a successful product launch in a way which grabs people’s attention? Here are the 6 things you can do before and after the product launch to make it successful.

1. Show people how your product can change the way of their life

You created a product, right? So you want to sell it to the end customer to develop your business. But how can you sell a product when it has a competitor in the market or entirely new, so its function should be showcased and explained to people. Then only people will buy it.

Here you can do two things

  1. So how your product can benefit people in their day to day life.
  2. Show how your product is one step ahead of the competitor’s product.

This is the two basic ways to gain the attention of the people and make them your customer.

2. So how you are unique from your competitors

There is one question in today’s competitive market for existing product. If you can answer that very well, then you will become a great winner in the market.

The Question is, Why should I have to use your product as there is already a product existing in the market as yours.

If you have a satisfying answer, then you can successfully attract the people. For, e.g., If you are a product delivery service provider and have to compete with your competitor, you should have an outstanding idea which your competitors does not have.

You can provide a timer in your online application which starts running when you placed the order and kept running with a deadline. So what will happen? Think about it, most of your competitor don’t provide this type of deadline timer and customer have to keep waiting without knowing the delivery time until the product is delivered. But here you are giving a timer with a deadline and the customer need not worry about the delivery time as the product will be delivered within the time mentioned in the timer.

It makes their work easy, and people will definitely love it.

3. Try to create a buzz around your product

The real success of a product launch is creating a buzz around the product. It gives virality to your product and let the media speak about your product for free. If you are successful in creating virality, then you will on the track of successful launch of your product.

We can say Pokemon Go as an example of virality. Countless media have been talking about the game, and a lot of companies are using the name Pokemon to get exposure to their product/service.

The another great Example is Apple iPhone launch. The secret of the Apple’s success is making their customer guess about the future of their products before the launch. They are creating interesting questions about their products feature on customers mind. The result is people will die of knowing the future before the launch without waiting. Here come the media buzz. The result is medias are using this thirsty of people towards knowing the future. So they start to feed the people what they want to increase their exposure.

This is the win-win situation for both medias and the Apple. You can see a lot of videos on youtube about the Apple iPhone 7 Future. Though most of them are lies, it aggressively gives promotion and boosts the buzz around the product.

You might have read a lot of articles about iPhone 7 prices, features and the addicted fans who are waiting for it. You can even read about someone who has sold their kidney to buy the Apple iPhone 7. The Kidney meme is the top meme of the iPhone as it has reached almost all the users in social media.

4. If you got the buzz, the next things are using the virality

Release enrollment for your product.

This is yet another underestimated trick by small companies and brilliantly used by large enterprises to promote their product. Your product may have some backlogs, but you may not be aware of it, or it should have escaped from testing.

Some of the backlogs of the products are identified only when the people use it. But in case if your product is found to have the big backlogs, then you will fail in marketing the product. But you can make your ROI possible before the incident by releasing enrollment to your products.

A lot of people will definitely enroll your products, and you can benefit from it. Showcase the target enrollment crossover to the followers. If you have 100 enrollments, just show like” We have crossed 100 enrollments within 10 Minutes.” This will induce the people who see the message to Enroll the product.

5. Conduct an Event to release your product.

This is another strategy to gain media attention and good exposure. If you release the product with an end customer, you can have the chance to get into the headlines of some news medias.

It is like triggering people emotion. Let us take an, e.g., to explain this, If you are electric bike manufacturer, and you are releasing your product at an event. Why don’t you ask a military jawan of our country who served for a long time to protect us by sacrificing his life to initiate the release of the product? People loves military people as you can see a lot of love from people going to Militants in social media.

Don’t think it as a Marketing tactic, use this to respect our militants who served our nation. This will gain the people’s attention and Media attention towards you. The main thing is you, and your event will be promoted not your products. So what, when your event gains the attention it automatically goes to your products.0

6. Showcase your good customer testimonials

Ask your customer to give feedback and showcase it to your followers and in your advertisements. You will get a variety of feedback, but choose the best one which has best words about your product. Say thanks and promote it. More ideas will come to your mind when you start working on it. You can find more ideas to improve your product launch.

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