Apple to start production for iPhone 13 in India, says Foxconn
Apple to start production for iPhone 13 in India, says Foxconn Image Credits: Primo 4K

Production at Vedanta-Foxconn Semiconductor Plant to Start Within Two and a Half Years

According to recent reports, Anil Agarwal who is the chairman of Vedanta resources said that the production process at the semiconductor and display manufacturing unit in Gujarat will start approximately two and a half years of the groundbreaking ceremony. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

About the semiconductor and manufacturing unit

Speaking at the HT Leadership Summit, Agarwal said “My heart and soul is into it and the way the government is supporting, the state government is supporting… I have no doubt that within two and a half years (of the groundbreaking ceremony production will start).”

“We are setting (the plant) there (in Gujarat),” he explained.“We had gone to Maharashtra… In Maharashtra downstream will be set up which will be bigger than Gujarat,” Agarwal explained.

This unit is a joint unit of Vedanta and Foxconn. The reports suggest that they plan to create approximately one lakh job opportunities for people.

About Vedanta

For people who do not know much about Vedanta, this article will give you all the information that you must know about the company. Vedanta is a natural resources conglomerate and it has made a name for itself in India. The company aims at providing long-term value for its stakeholders with the help of its research discovery, diversified natural resources, etc. The company follows some core values which have helped it reach where it is today. These core values include trust, innovation, and excellence among many others. The company believes in being transparent in its communication so that mutual trust can be established. Along with that, innovation in a way that leads to zero waste and damage to the environment is what the company follows.

About Foxconn

For people who do not know much about Foxconn, it is a Taiwanese electronics unit. The company aims to provide a smart living experience for its customers all around the planet. The company is constantly aiming at improving its products and services so that it can satisfy the demands of its customers . The company is fully committed to the research and development process that takes place to develop something new and unique. There are also some core values that the company follows so that it can reach its targets without any hassle. That includes caring for each other and treating each other with respect. Confidence is also emphasized by the company as it shows that the company has what it takes to become successful. The company is also determined to deliver what is needed come what may.