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ProHandz – How A Mumbai-Based Startup Is Aiming To Change The Home Services Online Marketplace In India !


ProHandz is a 360-degree solution to all your household service needs. It’s a one stop platform where you can enjoy host of services like Home Interiors, Home Exteriors, Household services, Celebrations, Training, Gadget maintenance, Automobiles, Pets and other special services.

Everyone can do with a Man Friday in their lives.

This holds true especially for busy homemakers and working professionals, who often seek a helping hand to avail various services. With the demand for timely home services on the rise, there is an acute need of service providers who can live up to their expectations and deliver the best results.

This is what led to the conceptualization of ProHandz Home Services, which offers 360-degree solutions categorized as – Home Exteriors, Home Maintenance, Celebrations, Home Interiors, Training, Gadget maintenance, Automobiles and Special Services.

Renovating homes, repairing of appliances, fixing of gadgets, grooming of pets, hiring bartenders or chartered accountants, users can get an entire range of services from this Mumbai-based startup.

Breaking age-old conventions

ProHandz ditches the age-old conventions wherein availing a service meant rummaging local directories and ending up wasting a lot of time finding professionals available for the job. It offers its users in Mumbai a stress-free lifestyle by giving them access to trusted professionals for over 60 services.

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Available both as a web app and mobile app, choosing the services offered by ProHandz is a breeze.

Users need to register on the app, select the service of their choice, fill up the form as per their requirements, receive quotes from the service providers, view the profiles of the service professionals and then proceed to select and hire them. This barely takes a few minutes. After that, the service providers will arrive at their doorsteps on the pre-decided time and do their job with perfection.

Finding footholds in the Indian startup scenario

Encouraged by India’s growing startup ecosystem, ProHandz is the passion-project of – Hemant Patel, Vipul Raval and Gurmeet Singh Bindra. Together, they have over six decades of industry experience.

While Hemant Patel is an expert in investment banking and institutional equity research, Vipul Raval brings forth his overarching experience in consumer durables to the table. An expert in the field of IT, Gurmeet Singh Bindra completes the trio, who love to call themselves – ‘The Three-Legged Stool’.

ProHandz Cofounders

With a young and dynamic team to lead, they aim at building a unique customer interface and marketplace for people who are looking forward to hire trustworthy service professionals within the same locality without wasting time. Value addition is another point that they wish to focus upon.

The thought is echoed by Vipul Raval, Co-founder, ProHandz.

“We are of the opinion that our consumer insights and execution capabilities will enable us to win in a competitive market place and scale great heights. We also believe that our experience and insights will take us to new heights and achieve many milestones in the years to come.”

Solving the requirements of various households

Started as a Bootstrap model with the entire project seeded by the founders, ProHandz made sure that it tested the waters before taking the giant leap.

Co-Founder Vipul Raval says that the team did its research on the requirements of the target audience in particular, to derive useful insights.

“The research about our target audience gave us the critical insights to create the app, which meets their requirements. Through our experiences, we knew how tough it is for the customers to find the right service through multilayer service providers i.e. company, franchisee and technician. Our aim is to provide them a solution that solves this perennial problem. This is what prompted us to start the company and the existing technologies made the dream come true”.

Currently, team ProHandz is getting several queries on a daily basis, with most of them coming from mobile users.

Meeting the challenges in a dynamic industry

There are multiple players in the hyper local services market and the entire niche has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs and investors in the last 3 years. Most of these startups focus only on a small segment of the household service needs.

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Also, the home service market in India at present is completely disorganized. Often, there are customers who are frustrated with widespread unprofessionalism in the industry w.r.t time, expertise and basic ethics when it comes to home services. This is despite the fact that the market holds tremendous opportunity and is valued roughly from $100 Billion-$400 Billion.

Not taking the competition lightly, ProHandz, which is only a few months-old in the market, begs to differ by focusing on adding value to their services. It offers a 30-day guarantee on each of the services, which assures the users of getting their services redone, if the need arises.

Gurmeet Singh Bindra, Co-founder, ProHandz says, “The key challenges that consumers face today is poor communication from service providers and blatant lack of reliability in terms of project completion or the quality of service. They also face issues when the service professionals are unable to provide satisfactory services or don’t follow a transparent approach. Our aim is to bridge the gap in an efficient and transparent manner by providing them customized local home services.”

A promising future

There are ample opportunities for ProHandz to explore as it will always have customer base for the services offered. The app has been well-tested and the team is ready with a full-fledged market plan to attract footfalls and spread brand awareness. It is also looking forward to developing an iOS version of the app (it currently has an Android version) and planning to establish its business in other cities pan India after breaking even in the metropolis.



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