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pTron Bassbuds Pro and pTron Bassbuds Vista: REVIEW

pTron is a Hyderabad-based electronics and mobile accessories company that is slowly scaling its business by launching premium products at affordable prices. It’s latest TWS style earbuds; pTron Bassbuds Pro and pTron Bassbuds Vista are two of the best TWS earphones that I have used in a long time with key features like wireless charging, digital touch controls and much more all at an affordable price range below INR 1,500.

pTron Bassbuds Vista, pTron Bassbuds Pro: Review

The pTron Bassbuds Vista and pTron Bassbuds Pro are both launched at competitive pricing with some key differential features. With pTron Bassbuds Vista priced a little higher than its Pro counterpart, it is equipped with Qi Wireless charging capabilities at 5W charging with a charger available inside the box. The pTron Bassbuds Vista and pTron Bassbuds Pro, both of them use Bluetooth 5.1 technology for better connectivity.

pTron Bassbuds Vista:

When using a Truly Wireless Stereo earphone, fit and comfort are the two most essential elements that I personally look for and both these earphones are super comfortable for listening to your favourite music for long hours. The pTron Bassbuds Vista has an extremely comfortable fit and I tested the fit of these TWS earphones with a quick workout session where I ran on the treadmill, jumped on the skipping rope and did everything the way I do with the constant pump from the loud and bass-filled audio quality provided with these pTron Bassbuds. The canal design is always a good option when it comes to TWS earphones. Both of these tiny devices have an IPX4 rating for water resistance which is again a master feature coming along for budget TWS earphones from pTron.
Other than this, the charging case of the pTron bassbuds vista uses a convenient induction technology that is wireless charging enabled and comes with a 5W Qi wireless charger inside the box. The earbuds offer 4 hours of battery life with each bud and an additional 8 hours comes with the charging case so that you never run out of juice when you need your music the most.

pTron Bassbuds Pro:

A little more affordable option, pTron Bassbuds Pro are nothing less than the pTron Bassbuds Vista. The new design of the pTron Bassbuds Pro now comes with Bluetooth 5.1 technology with a cool and comfortable design. The sound quality of the Bassbuds Pro is phenomenal with pure deep bass sound output.
The pTron Bassbuds Pro have a digital touch-sensitive flat outer with which you can control your music at convenience. In my personal opinion, the Bassbuds Pro are a better option for a workout than the Bassbuds Vista because it is IPX4 Sweat and water-resistant. The calling feature is absolutely crystal clear with advanced drivers and all in all comes with a pocket-friendly charging case.

pTron Bassbuds Vista, pTron Bassbuds Pro: Battery

The battery is always a concern when it comes to TWS headsets but need not worry about the battery with these premium pTron Bassbuds Vista and Pro TWS earphones.
The pTron Bassbuds Vista gives a total playback time of 12 hours with 4 hours charging of each earbud and an additional 8 hours of battery through the charging case.
The pTron Bassbuds Pro provides the same playback time of 12 hours and on top of that, it also features a digital display inside the case for you to see the battery at all time. I particularly found this feature to be very useful with the Bassbuds Pro.

pTron Bassbuds Vista, pTron Bassbuds Pro: Price and Availability

The pTron Bassbuds pro is available on Amazon at a budget price of INR 1,199 only and the pTron Bassbuds Vista on the other hand is available on Amazon for a slightly higher price at INR 1,299.

pTron Bassbuds Vista, pTron Bassbuds Pro: Pros and Cons


  • Small and pocketable size
  • Comfortable fit inside the ear
  • Premium features like digital battery indicator and wireless charging


  • Case hinge feels weak
  • The sturdy design makes opening the case difficult with one hand




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