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PUBG Mobile Reports 1 Billion Downloads

PUBG Mobile Reports 1 Billion Downloads


PUBG Mobile players have spent over $3.5 billion on the game, which is more than twice the total revenue of all other mobile games on Google Play. The Indian mobile games scene has triggered an unprecedented increase in mobile game downloads in India. It currently has over 1.2 billion downloads, a record for any game on India’s mobile market.

As people seek more ways to entertain at home, downloads of mobile games are breaking records around the world,

In 2020, when users are forced to stay in their homes due to the coronavirus, the game has recorded 198 million downloads and earned $1.8 billion, with $500 million in revenue generated in the last 72 days.

Mobile gaming is growing and improving at an unprecedented pace, and our forecasts predict that it could soon expand its dominance over PC and console games at the current pace. It offers an alternative to the social detachment that people were urged to stay at home and practice during the COVID 19 pandemic. PC games as a whole will face similar tensions in the coming years as the community steps up to find the balance. PCs Gaming is just trying to hold its own where it is, but there are likely to be similar tensions in the years to come as communities strengthen, which is a balance between the two.

Free Fire is ahead of PUBG Mobile in total downloads, but it still holds the top spot in Monthly Active Userbase, followed by Candy Crush Saga and Ludo King. Games make up the majority of consumer spending in the business, but Google Play has the highest growth in monthly active users and total revenue per user. The App Store is also experiencing strong growth in consumer spending, with consumers spending 15% more on games in the second quarter of 2020 than in the first quarter of 2020.

While these figures look fantastic for the company, that scenario is not the case in India, where it was banned in 2020. This means that PUBG will not return to India until it can convince the Indian government that it has no ties to the PLA.

The Ministry of Information Technology recently banned 47 apps, more than half of China’s 59 – linked apps that were previously banned. According to a report in the Indian Express, PUBG was demolished and users robbed. The Ministry of Information Technology has received reports that user data is being secretly and unauthorized transferred to servers in India.





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