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India’s Second Electric SUV Launched By Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover to launch Fully electric SUV, along with charger installation

Upon India’s recent news on India working on a scheme to encourage electric vehicle usage and manufacturing, Jaguar Land Rover’s EV is right on time.

The luxury car, fully electric Jaguar Landrover  I-Pace is India’s first fully-electric SUV to be launched next year. The whole process of selling the SUV is designed to make it easy for the consumer.

In alliance with Tata motors LTD, the installation of chargers in the purchaser’s home is hassle-free. Other than that, 19 cities will be electric charge ready, along with the company having 22 outlets throughout the country.

The charging ranges from 7.4 kW AC to 25 kW DC. Supposedly, the 25 kW DC is super fast charging. The cost of the I-Pace is Rs. 1.06 Crore, definitely a competition for Tesla to enter the Indian market.

According to their recent announcement, the company is fully prepared. Also, the president and managing director said, “Jaguar I-PACE is the first all-electric SUV that we’ve launched in India and it marks the beginning of our electrification journey. With our electrified products, we look forward to playing a significant role in India’s electrification drive into the future,”

The announcements from 2019

There were multiple proposals consistently before the release of electric SUVs since 2019. Also, the announcements have various details, including cars ranging from hybrid to full electric. Only now, they came which some extra details, from the making to the charging, everything is designed for a smooth experience for the customer.

Though the Jaguar I-Pace is not within the reach of a common man, the SUV is going to be a role model for the upcoming EV’s.

Land Rover as it is

Currently, Jaguar cars range from Rs.40 Lakh to Rs.111.30 Lakh. Furthermore, the Land Rover outlets are all over the country in 27 outlets. Their manufacturing sectors are currently in India, UK, Brazil, China, and Slovakia.

The Land Rover journey from its origin isn’t as pleasant as the car looks. There have been plenty of changes throughout the years, till 2008 when Tata motors established Jaguar Land Rover Limited. However, by 2013, the name was divided, where Jaguar and Land Rover were known as separate entities.

It is only with the I-Pace SUV, the name Jaguar Land Rover(JLR) is back. Furthermore, Land Rover is popular with the UK’s defense. Many cars ranging with different upgrades are supplied to the military and armed forces.

Despite its hurdles, the name Jaguar Land Rover is a luxury brand and is known for its perfection.



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