Pune-based Repos wins National Startup Award 2021

On National Startup Day, Repos Energy India Pvt Ltd, based in Pune won the National Startup Award 2021. Repos was presented with the honor on the prestigious 6-day Startup India Innovation Week. In the virtual gathering which was presided over by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, over 150 entrepreneurs presented their policy recommendations that could transform India and make a world of difference. Repos bagged the award in the Energy Distribution category as it was recognized by the Ministry Of Petroleum and Natural Gas for its door-to-door fuel delivery. The startup is backed by Ratan Tata and aims to scale greater heights of success and growth in the future.


Repos Energy

At the base of its operations and goals, Repos holds service to the nation as its ultimate goal. It has a clearcut aim of helping India enter a carbon light future by redefining energy distribution thus putting the country on the trajectory of sustainable and eco-friendly growth. India is definitely on the road to commendable growth with the number of startups that guarantee potential and a promise for the future. However unless we blend this growth with sustainability that keeps in mind a secure future for the coming generations, this promise of the future will remain a half-baked dream. Repos energy is working towards this end keeping an eye on the future.

This is what Dharmendra Pradhan, (Minister) Petroleum and Natural Gas, had to say about Repos winning the award,

I am proud to note that a leading Indian company is bringing forth a platform such as Energy Start-Up Summit for Indian companies to engage and deliberate on building the future.”

The award is also an acknowledgment of the company’s journey which began four years ago, fuelled by the dream to serve the country and the world. The founders, Aditi Bhosale and Chetan Walunj expressed their exhilaration at winning the award which has given them a boost of confidence to work towards becoming a “stronger backbone of new India.” In December 2021, Repos had turned quite a number of heads with the introduction of Repos 2.0 BETA mobile petrol pumps. The Repos 2.0 BETA mobile petrol pumps were introduced with the innovative goal of facilitating door-to-door delivery of small amounts of fuel for corporates and individuals for commercial use. The startup had also kickstarted a nationwide campaign through a roadshow to familiarise people all over India with Repos 2.0. Innovations like Repos 2.0 are imperative given the fact that the future will only see an exponential rise in fuel demands. Thus to ensure that the country is not brought to its knees in the face of exorbitant demands, it is necessary to ensure efficient fuel distribution with minimum wastage.