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PwC’s new policy offers full-time remote work to U.S employees

The pandemic has wreaked havoc, no doubt, however it has also its very vague silver linings at least for a few. Perhaps it is the courtesy of the pandemic that the accounting and consulting firm, PwC to ease its rigid working rules and embrace remote work on a permanent basis. This was according to a statement given by the company to Reuters.

PwC remote work

The What and Why

This new and quite progressive policy is being offered to 40,000 of its employees in the U.S who are working under client services. According to the policy, the employees will have complete freedom to work from home from basically any place of their choice, and if they wish, they can take this up on a permanent basis too. The pandemic sure has wreaked havoc but it has also these small and vague silver linings that are letting in rays of innovation and progress.

The pandemic has made the companies be more flexible with the employees given the critical condition and the fear of infection that’s still looming large. For instance, PwC was one firm known for its rigid rules and for making the employees work around the clock. Seems like the pandemic has given this attitude a 360-degree shift. Apart from PwC, other accounting firms like Deloitte and KPMG have also embraced the option of remote work for employees owing to the pandemic.

According to Yolanda Seals-Coffield, the firm’s deputy people leader, PwC is one of the first in its domain to embrace full-time remote work, particularly for client service employees. Other employees in PwC who did not have to directly engage with the clients, already had this option open for them. The client service employees, if they choose this option of virtual work will have to come to the office only thrice a month. This will be to fulfill the in-person appointment responsibilities like client visits and team meetings.

However, there is one thing that has to be taken into focus while considering this option. The location of the employee will have a direct impact on their pay. Those employees working from locations with lower costs will see a decrease in their salary too. According to PwC, the main aim behind this idea of permanent remote work is to facilitate the retention of talent while also embracing diversity. The firm is confident that this offer will get a positive response with about 35 percent of employees taking up the offer.

Adapting to challenging circumstances is second nature to humans. PwC is a rather good example for turning the pandemic into a learning experience, helping it evolve in such a way that further progress can be achieved in the long run. After all, as the age-old saying goes, “Change is the only constant” and embracing this change is crucial to growth and development.



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