Rapchat bags $2.3M funding as it hits the 7M users mark

Source: Music Ally

Rapchat is nothing like Snapchat and it is about creating and sharing music with the community. The Columbus-based start-up intends to democratize music creation by offering users a platform where they can record and share music, songs, raps from their smartphones. Recently, the company has announced to have raised USD 2.3 million after it hits the 7 million monthly active users mark.

Founded back in 2015 by Seth miller and Great Gibson, Rapchat is everything that Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are but only for music tracks, songs, tunes, raps and vocals. The above-mentioned three platforms are at the top of their game in the social media ecosystem and when you think about it, these applications have driven people to become photographers, videographers and storytellers through a visual format. Rapchat intends to have the same effect on people and drive them to create music for the “social music app”. As the name suggests, Rapchat also focuses on rappers and the rapping style of music that has driven the past decade with some incredible rhythms and beats mixed with a pure story.

Nico Wittenborn, a lead investor at a Venture Capital firm says, Rapchat has created a mini studio that fits right into your pockets and that is it, really!

Anyhow, when asked about the latest infusion of funds, the start-up mentions utilising the funding in expanding its scope for what the creators can use the application for. The company also plans on increasing its prize pools for Rapchat competitions to drive more people to join the platform. The company is working towards onboarding more and more artists, industry executives and producers on the platform to mentor and extend the start-up’s integrity more deeply.

When we talk about creators, the first thought in our mind comes of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok where people follow their passion of creating some phenomenal visual content for people to see, get entertained and engage with them through likes, comments and followers/subscribers. Rapchat’s intention with the platform is to itch the content creation ecosystem by dropping a platform for all the music lovers who are looking for something to share their music on.

Rapchat is a free platform as of now but according to the founder, Seth Miller, the company plans to offer more production tools, premium features and better ways to share their music creation with the community. Rapchat intends to allow users to make a business out of this platform and the key to that will be never demanding licensing fees on music and let the creators keep all their royalties.

Rapchat certainly has a long way to go but with this latest funding, it is promoted to go on the right path to success and make an impact in the music industry by providing a platform to musicians and singers.