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Google targets misleading app listings on Play Store with new policies

Google Play Store
Source: Android Developers Blog

Google is one of the most innovative companies in the world with its huge portfolio of products and services. However, the company is in a fairly dominant position when it comes to the technology industry and according to market analysis, the search engine company is tightening its screws with regard to security, privacy and ethical code of conduct for developers.

Over the last year, Google has been making several policy changes in order to include real money gambling apps on its Play Store along with addressing its criticism of high commission fee, as mentioned in a report by Engadget. However, in the search engine company’s latest policy changes, it is focusing on cleaning its Play Store and remove all misleading apps from the market that use promotional tactics to get users to download the app.

Well, there must have been so many instances where you would have downloaded a game or an application on your Android device based on its screenshot, description and tutorial but when you actually download and open the application, it is totally something else that disappoints and you eventually end up deleting it. A sheer waste of time, energy and effort!

This is exactly the issue that Google’s latest policy change is targeting, a Play Store clean up that will warn developers to tidy their previews, descriptions and other promotional content and remove anything and everything that is intended to trick the user into downloading the application.

As mentioned in a report by The Verge, Google has announced to ban such applications from its Play Store that effectively use bad listing tactics to promote their product and creates a false image of the app to make it look more engaging than it actually is.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, the search engine company’s new strict policy changes are banning the use of emoji in application names, prohibiting all caps application name and title unless it is a brand name. Google is also reportedly limiting its app titles to just 30 characters that are intended to keep the description crisp and focused rather than falsely using promotional key words to mislead users into downloading the app.

The company has clearly passed the verdict and notified publicly that the new policy changes for Play Store will not entertain any developer or app on its app store that engages in false promotional tactics that mislead users to download the app. Anyhow, there is a bundle of new policy rules that the company has said to release later in the coming months.

So, app developers will no longer be able to add adjectives like “top”, “best”, “free” etc. to their app titles. In my opinion, this policy change will bring a whole new level of class on the Play Store, somewhat similar to Apple’s App Store, clean and elegant.