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Rapido Acqui-Hires Mumbai-Based Vahanalytics

Rapido, which is a Bangalore based taxi service provider, has now taken control of Vahanalytics, which is a Mumbai based analytics startup.

Rapido has allotted with the 55 equity shares for around INR 49 lacs to the Vahanalytics and another 38 series A3 CCPS for around INR 34 lacs to the CBP Trust, which is an investment group from Singapore.

After the deal, both the co-founders of the Vahanalytics will be going to join as the employee of the Rapido, with a contract of two years.

Rapido was founded in 20115 by the Pavan, Aravind, and Rishikesh. The company, as of now has more than 10000 active drivers, which include the women as well.

Vahanalytics, on the other hand, was founded by the Nikhil, Someshwar, and Arun in 2016. It even aims to address the global problem of on-road transportation efficiency, on a local scale and make drivers and roads better with the machine learning and smarter data.



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