The much talked movies & entertainment company Pritish Nandy Communications has a new investor added to its list and the recent investor needs no introduction as he is the former chairman of Tata sons, a well known philanthropist Ratan Tata.


Pritish Nandy Communications is technically among the first corporate establishments of Bollywood. It was incepted by the popular poet & journalist Pritish Nandy in 1993. It holds a benchmark of becoming the first media company to get listed on the BSE & NSE in 2000. It has quite a good portfolio of investors like Soros, Oppenhaimer and Llyod group. It has also played a major role in the creation of good talent for the country.

  • The company has been recipient of a lot of recognitions like golden peacock global award , 350 national & international awards, Top CEO award, being shortlisted for Oscar and the list is unending.
  • It has also set up two great centers known as The Bowling Company and Moksh which is pre dominantly a wellness center that provides complete programs for making your lifestyle great & lively.
  • It has a timeline of 18 years and a current valuation of Rs. 2653 million.

The company recently created buzz due to the international appreciation awarded to the webseries Four More shots Please on Amazon prime.


Ratan Tata invested in the company but it was purely in his personal capacity. It has nothing to do with the Tata group in general. He has made specific purchases and acquired a stake accordingly. The number & amounts are not disclosed by the company.



The share of company was trading at a price of Rs. 23.50 on BSE yesterday. It is basically a B group company on the exchange.

Upper price band : Rs. 26.86

Lower price band:  Rs. 21.15



This is not the first but a part of the many ventures that Ratan Tata has supported as he is known for standing up for ideas that need back up or have a sparkling future.


Ratan Tata is known for its attitude to give a back-up to the needed start-ups & projects. He has invested in major companies and the list starts with Snapdeal, Ola Cabs, Teabox, Cash Karo.com, Bitcoin venture Abra , online pet portal Dogspot and the much awaited Tigor Electric vehicles.

Tata achieved a plethora of milestones under the chairmanship of Ratan Tata and the philanthrophic activities are one amongst those. So, its not a very new take to invest in up-coming start ups.

It has a motto of self-growth coupled with holistic development of other ventures too.

The other side of coin can be that the major rivals of Tata prominently Reliance is already in the media business with a major venture. So it was now the turn of a giant conglomerate to hold up certain big stake in the market segment. It will also add up to the diversified portfolio of the group.

So holistically this move whether in personal or in professional capacity is a good one to tap the media segment.