Razor unveils the world’s smartest mask under project Hazel

Masks are a reality now, something we have to live with no matter what. To that, Razor had to say, if you are doing it, do it with style. At CES 2021, the company unveiled project Hazel, showcasing the world’s smartest mask. The mask has an n95 at its core and has active ventilation and an auto-sterilizing design. There are also RGB lights  (after all, it’s a product by a gaming-centric company) that glow automatically in the dark. The design of the mask is transparent so that others can read your lips while talking. There is even a mic and a speaker combo to boost the voice of the user.

All about the world’s smartest mask

Razor said in their presentation that the mask showcased is just a prototype, and they are currently working on it. The company stressed a lot on it being the world’s smartest mask and focusing on all the crucial aspects that traditional masks don’t. As said by the company, these areas are safety, social, sustainability, comfortable, and personalization. For safety, the mask uses an N95 mask built-in and a charging case that has UV light in the interior for sterilization. So, once you get in your house, as the mask will charge up, it will also get sanitized for reuse.

world's smartest mask

Coming to the social standpoint, the design of the mask is transparent that allows others to see your face. This helps in having a proper conversation. There is also the mic and amplifier that help others to better hear you and makes having a convo less of a trouble. The mask is not boring like the normal ones that one can but for $1-$2 and can be used for a long time, making the product sustainable.

Razor has also focused on keeping the design comfortable so users can wear it every day without any complaints. And finally, the RGB lights that can be controlled can be minutely adjusted, offering a touch of personalization to your mask. For users willing to purchase the mask the company will custom-fit it for their face. The mask’s ventilation also prevents fogging up, and people wilh glasses won’t have any issue using it. Razor is using a silicon guard to seal the mask with your face, so the mask doesn’t touch you. It is waterproof and has replaceable ventilators and filters.

The world’s smartest mask by Razor seems to be a really interesting product. And any information about its price hasn’t been released as of now. Do you think if the mask is in your budget, then you will use it daily, or is it a little too flashy? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content interesting, do like it and share it with your friends.

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