Reliance Jio Launch
Reliance Jio Launch Image Credits: Adithya Sinha

Reliance Jio introduces their First Laptop, Jiobook in India
Finally most awaited affordable laptop by Reliance Jio, the Jiobook has been launched officially in India, here is details specification and pricing details:

Reliance Jio Launch
Reliance Jio Launch
Image Credits: Adithya Sinha

One of the most anticipated budget laptops for Indian markets, the Reliance Jiobook has finally made its way to official launch today. 

The laptop was launched in the country during the 6th edition Indian Mobile Congress event this year. 

The main aim of launching this laptop was to bring down the affordability factors of a laptop within the country and yes it become a reality when the pricing of this laptop was revealed.

If you are among the students looking for a very budget-friendly laptop then definitely you can have your attention to this newly launched laptop. Let’s now take a deep dive into what this laptop features on the specification side and its launched pricing.

Reliance Jiobook Specification 

Let’s now start with the features of this Reliance Jiobook laptop. This Jiobook laptop has been listed on the official government e-marketplace platform, where the specification for this laptop has been revealed.

If we go with the details mentioned on the government’s marketplace, the Reliance Jiobook reportedly features a Qualcomm chipset which is the new Snapdragon 665 Octa-core SoC onboard.

To provide a better sturdy look, the laptop features a metallic hinge, and to cut down the cost, the laptop’s chassis has been made with plastic but it’s a durable ABS plastic. 

The laptop also features a faster LPDDRx RAM of up to 2GB in capacity without any option to upgrade for more RAMs. Also, you get 32GB of eMMC internal storage as well.

Going to the front side, this laptop features a bigger 11.6-inch screen which is a LED-backlit anti-glare panel supporting HD resolution.

Getting to the port side, this laptop comes with various ports including a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, and also a Micro SD slot.

 Getting to the connectivity side, this laptop comes with the support of Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity with faster and reliant Bluetooth connectivity.

You also get support for 4G mobile broadband connection to provide you better connectivity without depending on your Wi-Fi modem completely.

To provide you with an overall multimedia experience, this laptop features a duo speakers setup with duo microphones which will be helping towards attending video call conferences without any audio issues.

 Talking about the battery side, this laptop comes with a 60 Ah battery which can provide an overall backup of up to 8 hours.

Jio Operating System on JioBook

Another interesting fact about this laptop is that this laptop doesn’t rely on any of the operating systems from Microsoft or even Google’s Chrome OS which is usually seen as the most budget-friendly.

For this laptop, Reliance Jio has innovated their new Operating system called the Jio OS on which only this laptop is running.

Reliance Jiobook Price

Reliance Jiobook Price
Reliance Jiobook Price
Image Credits: Trakin

Talking about the price! Reliance Jiobook was launched with an initiative to bring an affordable laptop for many Indian users.

After facing many hurdles during the development phase of this laptop, finally Jio launched this laptop for affordable pricing of just Rs. 19,500.