Virtual Meetings

Remote worker shares his experience of dealing with the changing workspace

The pandemic changed a lot of things. Closed old doors, opened new ones, and at times opened a space right in between where the old and new could converge. It will not be an exaggeration to state that the work landscape has been at the receiving end of this transition more than most. A few years ago, remote or hybrid work would not even have visited people in their dreams, and yet today it is a reality. A reality that comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. A video on TikTok wherein a man shares his experience of remote working and the futility of Microsoft teams meetings has gone viral, striking a chord with a good majority of users who are going through the same plight more or less. Read along to know more.

Virtual Meetings

The Reality Behind Virtual Meetings

Remote and hybrid working has indeed become a preferred alternative to working from the office. However, most people who prefer a hybrid or remote work model aren’t very happy about virtual meetings which according to most are nothing but an absolute waste of time.

Recently, a TikTok user who goes by the name @koupleofkorsys posted of video that shows how in a Microsoft Teams meeting, he logs in to say a thankyou and eventually fails to accomplish even that. The text overlay reads, “POV: Getting ready for my teams meeting just to say ‘thanks’ at the end.” As he makes himself comfortable, sipping water, and making sure the TV remote is at a convenient distance, he totally misses the thank you. He ends the video by asking if anybody else can relate to the situation. The video struck a chord with several others, immediately going viral on TikTok. It garnered over 270,000 views as of Saturday. The comments for the video reflect the fact that the situation is not an isolated one.

“Glad that this is more universal than I thought,” wrote one viewer

Another said, “one hundred percent I have nothing to contribute to most meetings I have to attend.”

Are Virtual Meetings Futile?

For quite some time now, virtual meetings have been at the receiving end of sharp criticism from people who are of the opinion that they are a massive waste of time. Certain reports state that over 30 percent of people spend about five hours per week on these meetings, and a good majority of these find them entirely unproductive and useless. While some are of the opinion that these meetings hinder them from accomplishing their tasks on time, adding to the pressure and exhaustion.