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Revive Your IT Career by Passing Microsoft 70-744 Exam Using Exam Dumps

How is it like to work as a computer architect? Is it interesting? What challenges can you expect? However, the first challenge is to get suitable for this demanded job since technology is constantly evolving. So, the first question should be: how to obtain all the required skills?

Of course, you can never go wrong with a relevant college degree when just getting started in the field. But if you are a seasoned professional who needs some upgrade the task becomes more difficult. And this is where getting a certification from a reliable vendor such as Microsoft will help you advance your career in this exciting field. It’s known that Microsoft’s MCSE badge and its related training offer one of the easiest paths to achieving IT supremacy. 

In this post, we have highlighted all the key details of exam 70-411 70-412 70-410 70-764 70-741 70-742 98-366 MS-300 MS-500 MD-101 70-461 MS-200 MCSA Training Braindumps which is a certifying test for the expert-level credential in Core Infrastructure. At first, let’s explore the details of this badge and then move to exam features and preparation options.

MCSE: Core Infrastructure Certification

As you may have already known, the MCSE Core Infrastructure credential validates the candidate’s technical skills relating to the operation of a modern data center. Getting certified by passing the required exams shows your ability to perform different tasks within this platform including managing systems, storage, networking, and virtualization. To earn this badge, the candidate should already have the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2012 or 2016 and also pass one of five offered exams. They include 70-744, 70-745, 70-413, 70-414, and 70-537.

Exam 70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016

Exam 70-744 emphasizes the skills required to secure Windows Server 2016 enterprise environments. All exam candidatesought to be familiarwith most of the tools and methods commonly used to protect the Windows Server platform. 

The Certbolt Microsoft 70-744 assessment covers 6 major objectives that are usually validated by the MCSE certification in Core Infrastructure. The skills tested include how the applicant can implement Server Hardening Solutions, Threat Detection Solutions and the security of a Workload-Specific type. The candidate should also know how to provide security of the Network Infrastructure and Virtualization Infrastructure as well as efficiently manage Privileged Identities.

To cover all these concepts, you should prepare adequately. Some resources mentioned below will help you with your studies.

Use Microsoft Official Website to Pass Your Exam 70-744

The first place you may visit when starting preparation is the Microsoft website where you’ll find several vendor-offered training materials. One of the outstanding options here is instructor-led learning that features 20744A training course. If you prioritize flexibility and convenience when preparing for your certification exam, this training course might just be the right option. 

Another variant available on the Microsoft site is the popular revision book, Exam Ref 70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016 that’s published by the Microsoft Press Store. Unlike most training books, this one is a useful step-by-step guide with useful case scenarios and accurate reviews to streamline your training.

Lastly, you can gain the confidence needed to face your 70-744 test by taking the official practice test from Microsoft. 

Ace Your Exam with Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect, so goes the cliché. If you examine the lives of professional athletes and actors, this might just be the case. To effectively practice for your test and measure your knowledge of exam topics you can use exam dumps. To get reliable ones, you can visit the ExamSnap website.

Your first option here is the free exam questions and answers provided by successful exam-takers. But if you need an all-inclusive material, go with Premium Bundle ($39.97), a paid option that packs the expert-validated vce file, a study guide, and a training course. Using these materials, you’ll review everything you know and even learn some new concepts.

When using these dumps, remember to download the VCE Exam Simulator to attempt different mock exams in a simulated exam testing environment.Practicing with the help of this tool, you’ll put yourself into the real-exam environment, explore the question types and become prepared for your assessment.

Your Job Prospects

The MCSE certification in Core Infrastructure plays a key role in updating your networking,storage,identity management, virtualization, and systems management skills. For this reason, itis also your secret weapon for improving your career in IT. Here are a few popular roles you can fill with this credential.

  1. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts pride themselves on securing their organization’s computer systems. With the increasing number of cyberattacks,the role of information security specialists has expanded and today, theycan oversee a company’s network for any security breaches,provide reports based on their research, and design security standards for their companies.

2.Computer Architect

Computer architects,otherwise known as system analysts,use their technical skillsto provide solutions related to different business needs. The primary goal is to ensure the smooth running of computer systems by using their knowledge of different software,hardware, systems, and networking components.

3.Computer Support Specialist

Traditionally called help-desk technicians, computer support specialists offer technical support to general users havingproblems with their devices. Most of the tasks related to the testing and evaluation of the existingnetwork systems, troubleshooting LANs and WANs as well as performing scheduled maintenance to computer components are handled by these specialists.


Technology is quickly evolving. If your current skills are at a dead end, you may want to pursue new roles that guarantee a substantial growth for the upcoming years. Considering the latest developments, computer architects will continue to play a key role in modern IT platforms. So, this is the perfect time to pass your exam 70-744 by Microsoft and earn your MCSE Core Infrastructure badge. Choose the suitable study resources starting with exam dumps, practice a lot — and you’ll see your career dreams come true!



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