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Rick Sanchez is coming ‘very soon’ to MultiVersus

Rick Sanchez is coming ‘very soon to MultiVersus, the multiplayer online game for players of all ages and backgrounds will be adding Rick Sanchez as a playable character. The game has been getting a lot of attention with its ever-growing roster of popular characters most recent being the Gizmo from Gremlins. The Rock’s Black Adam and Stripe are also set to release later this year with the release of the new movie.

Rick Sanchez MultiVersus

Credit @ Player First Games

The Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland will voice the character in the game. Justin Roiland said that he’s excited to bring his iconic voice to this new project. He also said, “I’ve been a gamer my whole life and it’s really cool to see myself as a part of this.”

MultiVersus announced the launch of Rick Sanchez, a lead character from the popular Rick and Morty series. Rick Sanchez is a fictional character in the animated television series Rick and Morty. He is a mad scientist and alcoholic who lives with his daughter Beth Smith, his son-in-law Jerry Smith, and his granddaughter Summer Smith. Rick’s catchphrase is “Wubba lubba dub dub!” which he usually says before he experiments on himself or others. In the series, Rick Sanchez has a portal gun that can create portals to other dimensions. The show’s seasons typically involve Rick and Morty going on adventures across different worlds through these portals.

Rick Sanchez is a popular TV show character in the American animated sitcom, Rick and Morty. The show is about the adventures of an alcoholic scientist and his grandson. It has been nominated for various awards like Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. In the last episode of season 3, Rick reveals that he will soon be getting a new body called ‘MultiVersus’ which will allow him to exist in multiple dimensions at once. He also says that he can’t wait to get it because it will make him “very soon”.

This statement by Rick has created curiosity among fans as to what he meant by this statement. So far when Rick will be made available in the game has not been revealed nor are his skills and abilities. The game is currently available for PC and given the current trend of Mobile trend, We hope to get a Mobile port for this game soon as it gets closer to a full release. This game is a multiplayer shooter and it’s currently in early access on Steam.



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