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Discovering India the Crazy Way – The Adventurists Rickshaw Run !


Have you seen India ? I mean have you really seen India ? And by that I mean not just visiting the fancy, touristy place but looks at the heart of India. The villages, the roads, the food, the people and everything unknown that comes with it !

Our friends Sukhbir Singh and Avirup Bagchi are leaving on one crazy adventure to see India in a Rickshaw ! Yes you heard it right. In a Rickshaw.


On 6th of April this year, Sukhbir and Avirup will drive 2,700km from Jaisalmer to Shillong in 2 weeks time in a Rickshaw.

This RickShaw Run is being organized by The Adventurists. This 2 week great Indian Rickshaw adventure is to start on 6th April 2015 from Jaisalmer and will end on 18th April in Shillong . And what will be the best part of this drive ? That there will be no route ! Yes again you heard it right ! There will be no route !

The Rickshaw drive started by The Adventurists is based on the un-route concept which the adventurists call ‘simple yet devastatingly effective’. According to this concept, there is a start line and a finish line and everything in between is upto you to decide.  The Adventurists also encourage you to not plan your trip in advance. Plan only for the next one day, ditch all your travel apps and maps. Just take the rickshaw an start driving.


This RickShaw Run was started by The Adventurists 5 years back. Usually 20-25 teams participate in one run and each team has 2 to 3 members. The Adventurists have three such runs organized in a year.  The participants meets The Adventurists at the starting location where after a 3 day orientation, they are given a very attractive looking Rickshaw to set off . Rest everything is for the participants to figure out and arrange for.


Each of the teams usually pick up a charity for which they raise money through this run. Our friends Sukhbir and Avirup are raising money for a charity called Cool Earth. Cool Earth is a unique rainforest charity that works alongside indigenous communities to protect the world’s most endangered rainforests. Every donation makes the biggest possible difference with over 90p of every £1 donated going directly to their partnership projects.

You can help our friends raise money for this cause by donating at https://www.justgiving.com/ketchupandmayo/

The Adventurists are known for organizing some unconventional trips across the world. Mongol Rally , Rickshaw Run , Mototaxi Junket , Ice Run , Mongol Derby , World Cycle Race are some of the adventures they organize. Through their various adventure rides, their team have been able to raise 5 million pounds till now for various charities.

(All images are credited to The Adventurists)



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