Ride-Sharing Services Offer Long Term Rentals To Aid Essential Travel

As central and state governments look to gradually ease lockdown restrictions. A number of individuals will find themselves returning to work, with limited public transport and ride-hailing platform at their disposal. In an attempt to ease the burden of travel in a country on lockdown, rise-sharing platforms are beginning to offer long term rental solutions. 

Bangalore-based scooter rental platform, Bounce, announced that from the 21st of April onward, it will be offering extended rental options for those looking for safe commute options. 

Vogo, the daily scooter rental platform, offering its services in Bangalore and Hyderabad, also recently announced its long-term rental solutions. Vogo is further reaching out to business in order to provide transportation solutions for employees post-lockdown. 

Startups have played a massive role in facilitating the smooth transition into a nation-wide lockdown. Ride-hailing, grocery delivery, and home-delivery services, have banded together to make sure the urban population has never been left wanting for essential items. Now it seems the startups landscape is poised to ease the transition back to regular life.