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Ripple sheds light on its plans to go carbon neutral by 2030

Ripple has made clear its plan to go carbon neutral by 2030 as part of the world action plan to avert climate change. The news was announced by Ripple on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. The company announced that it has partnered with leading world universities to devise solutions for net-zero carbon consumption across digital assets, credit cards, and cash.

The tweet led to a link titled “Leading the way on Global crypto and Fintech sustainability”. The post describes how Ripple is partnering with leading conservation organizations to ensure all blockchains are carbon-neutral. The company is partnering with the XRP Ledger Foundation, Energy Web, & Rocky Mountain Institute to de-carbonize these blockchains with the help of a new open-source EW Zero tool.

The company is paying close attention to the world’s commitment to Paris Agreement and has Kaplan to go carbon neutral before the world achieves the goal in 2050. The company has been paying close attention to its carbon emissions and is investing in innovative carbon removal technology. It is also partnering with University College London and the National University of Singapore on research into the environmental impact of crypto adoption.

The company believes FinTech is at the forefront of the world’s commitment to a sustainable future. Finding a solution to energy emissions will play a large role in moving towards a sustainable future on earth.



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