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Rivian hints to produce bicycle as they file trademark for e-bicycles

Rivian recently files a trademark for an electric bicycle with the US Patent and trademark. Thus hinting that the company is working on producing electric bicycles and other necessary accessories. The other things in the trademark file also include electric bicycle components, such as battery packs, display consoles, motor controllers, pedal-assist sensors, electric motors, and throttle controls.

Rivian files new trademark signaling a move to make electric bikes

Image credits- Electrek

Furthermore, the USPTO filing suggests that the company is planning on producing an e-bike from the bottom up. The reason is that there are various minor aspects of the filing including various items like bicycle carriers for vehicles, bike pumps, and bells. It gives the impression that Rivian is particular about the items and that they are going to specifically go to use them.

So far it is known that most of Rivian’s vehicle accessories are well-thought-out and conceptualized as per the needs of a Rivian R1T user. Which is all about adventures that are possible for a typical user of an electric truck. For example, they have Rivian Camp Kitchen which includes a fully functioning modular kitchen with a 30-piece kitchen set. Such special features are available as Rivian specially manufactures them to supply along with the truck to its customers.

Bicycle with R1T

Knowing how the electric pickup by Rivian could be used for adventurous rides, it is surprising that the company came up with a bicycle option only now. It looks like the company is really going out of its way to selling the idea of the R1T electric pickup. Since its first advertisement video, the picture was to include people representing various backgrounds irrespective of age, gender, or color. It doesn’t exclude variety in terms of usage of the vehicle as well.

So it is obvious that Rivian plans to go a little further and develop various items an R1 owner would need for their electric bike. Also, Rivian recently published a patent for an Integrated Tailgate Cargo System. This patent drawing reveals a bike rack attached to an R1’s tailgate. This hints that from the fact that Rivian is applying for a trademark for all the items as well. The trademark filing does mention “bicycle carriers for vehicles.”

While the company is focused on producing more vehicles, recently the news about the departure of the Chief operating officer comes into the limelight. It is only known recently that Pole Copes resigned from Rivian in December, just when the company seemed to be picking up.



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