Robinson's and Wimbledon ends historic partnership
Robinson's and Wimbledon ends historic partnership

Robinson’s and Wimbledon ends historic partnership

A long time partnership between Robinson’s and Wimbledon is coming to an end as the fruit drink company on Friday confirmed that it is not renewing its deal with All England Lawn Tennis Club.

Robinson’s brand, introduced in 1935 in England, has been the official sponsor of Wimbledon Tennis Tournament since its inception. Robinson’s also used to act as official supplier of drinks at the tournament.

Britvic plc, who currently owns the brand said that company is planning to broaden its summer reach beyond Wimbledon fortnight and hence the decision

A spokesperson of Britvic PLC said that company was tremendously proud to have been a prominent partner of Wimbledon for this long. He also said that company has played a very important role in boosting engagement with game of  tennis in the United Kingdom .

According to a statement from All England Lawn Tennis Club , partnership ended with a mutual agreement. Statement went on to say about the historic association of Wimbledon with Robinson’s and thanked Robinson’s for the wider role fruit drink brand played in supporting Wimbledon and tennis.

John McEnroe poses for photos to celebrate Robinson’s 75th anniversary of their partnership with Wimbledon in 2010ledon

Robinson’s has been a very symbolic part of Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, as bottles of Robinson’s barley crystals were always kept on the steps leading up to the umpire’s chairs.

What started as a normal soft drink business trying to sell their products in a tournament, transformed into one of a kind historic partnership of 86 years.

Robinson’s Patent Barley and Barley Groats got invented in 1923 by Mr Matthias Robinson. Robinson’s Barley Crystals got employed by Eric Smedley Hodgson to distribute beverages and drinks to athletes and officials at the historic Wimbledon tennis tournament.

In 1995, Britvic PLC bought the brand from Reckitt & Colman. Since then, Robinson’s has been part of this England based soft drink giant who owns several famous brands.

About Britvic PLC

Britvic PLC founded in 1845 as British Vitamin Products Company started production of fruit juices in 1938,

In 1949, It started to market the drinks in name of Britvic. 

Britvic currently owns more than 35 brands, with exports to more than 50 countries.

Company also have licences of famous brands such as 7up, mountain dew. Lipton ice tea and Gatorade to name a few.