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This tiny hopping robot is our grim future

We are doomed

11th October, 2018

It’s been two or three months since we last had a robot video that influenced us to acknowledge we’re altogether bound later on — and now we have this modest jumping killbot.

Approve, so maybe that revelation is somewhat harsh. There’s no reasonable sign that this robot has been customized to slaughter … however. All we are stating is this is maybe the scariest executioner robot we’ve seen, and honestly it creeps us out.

Here’s the reason: All those Boston Dynamics killbots make them thing in like manner, you know they’re coming. Beyond any doubt they have a size preferred standpoint, however in any event until further notice we figure we could get away from a monster robot if the need emerged. This little container is rapid, generally peaceful and we could thoroughly observe it jumping through an open window, advancing upstairs while we are snoozing and scattering a nerve gas to slaughter us while we nap.

Not that we consider this stuff excessively.




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