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Roll out of Tesla 4680 battery pack closer than expected

Tesla Model Y was spotted in a recent flyover of the Giga Texas complex with a 4680 battery pack. It was noticed that the model did not have a floor at all. It was suggested by EV advocates on social media that this was because Tesla is testing the structural battery pack.

Tesla Model Y body for structural battery pack spotted at Gigafactory Texas

Image credits- Electrek

During a recent flyover of the Giga Texas complexdrone driver Joe Tegtmeyer has been describing the progress of the massive electric vehicle plant since its foremost days. Tegtmeyer spotted a Model Y test body being unloaded from a caravan. But while sightings of Model Y test bodies aren’t that uncommon in sports like Giga Berlin and Gigafactory Texas, this particular Model Y body was redundant intriguing.

Incontinently conspicuous from the upstanding footage was the fact that the Model Y test body didn’t have a bottom at all. Considering that the Model Y test body’s bottom sounded to be distributed for a yet-to-be-seen element, Tesla suckers and other EV lawyers on social media have suggested that the test body lately delivered to Giga Texas was designed to be erected with a structural battery pack.

Tesla’s structural batteries, as their name suggests, are erected into the structural platform of a vehicle. As per Tesla’s Battery Day donation in September 2020, structural batteries are designed to support a vehicle’s body and lattice while boosting driving range and lowering product costs. Elon Musk likened Tesla’s structural batteries to how the aeronautics assiduity ultimately used the space within an airplane’s bodies as a space to store energy.

One of the best technology

Structural batteries will probably be rolled out to Tesla’s entire vehicle lineup in the future, though the technology would be introduced in the Model Y, an electric auto which Elon Musk prognosticated could come one of the world’s best- dealing buses, EV or else. Considering that Giga Texas is anticipated to start its operations with the product of the Model Y and former drone flyovers of the point have suggested at the buildout of a 4680 cell product installation, it appears that Tesla may be looking to roll out its revamped Model Y sooner than estimated.

Developed in musicale with its Gigafactory mate, Panasonic, the new 4680 battery cell is significantly mesomorphic than the further familiar, “ AA- style” li-ion that Tesla has been using successfully over to now. In terms of EV improvements, however, they’re much further than “ bigger.” These new Tesla batteries are an amount vault forward, offering nearly five times the energy storehouse at just half the cost of Tesla’s formerly assiduity- leading battery tech.





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