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Rumors about Trump being back on Facebook sparks a flurry of responses from users with #DeleteFacebook trending on Twitter.

Donald Trump could be referred to as the magnet attracting any controversial news, or perhaps it has more to do with him than the news. Recently, news surfaced stating that Trump is back on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and that has proved to be the kick-off point of a chain of speculations and contemplations with users urging to boycott the social media platform, adding yet another name to the trending list of Twitter.


Donald Trump

The doors to all social media platforms were closed before Trump following his controversial takes on the capital riots, and since then he has been on the silent side. However, with this latest rumor once again he has made news, and users aren’t happy.

Although the company underscores the fact that the news is just a rumor and that the former president is still indefinitely blocked from the social media platform, the users aren’t ready to calm down yet, and the fire that was sparked by a single rumor is burning strong, the heat of which is well reflected on Twitter in the form memes, responses, and jokes. After all, sarcasm never goes out of trend when it comes to hitting the right nerve, and netizens are determined to do the same.

Here is a compilation of reactions and responses from Twitter

The fact that users are urging to delete Facebook through Instagram sounds a bit like urging to cut the tree while sitting on the branch. Some might call it irony too.

Well, this sure gives a very good chance to attain an in-depth understanding of the word ‘irony.’

Well, has he actually managed to ‘trump’ the odds?!

Things are getting a bit aggressive here.


Well, there is always scope for a new reason to get it trending.

And some folks are more than happy to help.



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