Russians have a particular liking for crypto investments suggests survey

A survey was conducted in Russia to get an idea regarding their interest in different investments. The primary goal of this was to see if they are into crypto and choose it over other assets. And it was found that Russians have a particular liking for crypto investments. In fact, most of them say that they will prefer it over other traditional forms of investments. This survey was done in the form of a poll carried out by the Association of Forex dealers.

Russians are losing interest in traditional investment vehicles.

Yes, you heard that right majority of the Russians now prefer crypto over gold, bonds, or even stocks. Even big investors are planning to get into the space. Coming to the survey, there were a total of 502 participants, which gives us a fair idea of sentiment surrounding crypto and other investments. Most of the participants were males between 25-44, and 8% of them believed that crypto would replace cash in the future.

Russians have a particular liking for crypto investments

It’s good to see that Russians have developed a taste for crypto investments. The percentage of people who were interested in fiat currencies was only 14%. Then we have about 9% who would prefer gold as an investment option. But then we have the big numbers; 76.9% of Russians said that they would prefer crypto investments over traditional crypto. Now out of these, we have about 25% of people saying that they trade at least once in 3 months. 17% of them say that they trade once a month, while the majority, 35.1%, said that they do it more than once.

People believe in crypto

Most of the Russians said that they are into crypto investments for the long term. 51% of them see it as a way to increase their long term wealth. We have only 8% of people who were here to make a quick buck out of crypto. This shows that they understand Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular tokens are here to stay. Most of them also think that having regulation in the crypto space will be beneficial for the industry.

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