McDonald's logo along with the figure of a burger at an outlet
'Fun and Tasty', 'The Same One' possible names for McDonald's Russian successor Source: A news

Russia’s McDonald’s leader records a trade mark in Kazakhstan.

Following the U.S. firm’s withdrawal from its own economy, Vkusno & tochka, the Russian heir apparent franchise to McDonald’s, has intended to apply to get its brand associations required to register in neighborhood Kazakhstan, the Kazakh administration said this on Monday.

One such month, McDonald’s and also its Kazakh authorized representative discharged their memorandum of understanding, quoting supply chain issues. Associated press initially demonstrated that McDonald’s Kazakhstan have already managed to stop ordering stockpiles from Russia and then was experiencing difficulties looking to replace individuals.

McDonald’s shut it down its Russian fast-food places fairly soon after Moscow submitted tens of thousands of military personnel into Ukraine course of the most recent February, subsequently sold to a local licensee, Alexander Govor, who recently launched the Vkusno & tochka company image in June.
A request for additional information from the Russian company wasn’t really immediately replied to.

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McDonald’s Canada ’s President Cohon was conferred authorization to open that the very first McDonald’s inside the Soviet Union in 1990, after 14 years of preparation as well as deliberations. The admittance of something like the iconic American product line into the world was considered to be a symbol of the previous communist state’s currently underway political and economic transformations.

McDonald’s immediately halted all operational processes in Ukraine on March 8 due to all the Russian invasion of 2022. In May, the company confirmed that it planned to sell every one of its Russian food places, changed its name as Vkusno I tochka.


McDonald’s has established a reputation for itself throughout the Russian industry of fast food. In compared to the fast-food business in the United States, the Russian market for fast-food restaurants was significantly smaller. The company has been functioning in Russia lasted for approximately 20 years and also has decided to expand to 60 cities.

Thus, according to prognosticators, McDonald’s organization in Russia reported net income throughout the frequency band of 20%, which significantly greater than the typical financial institution.