SBF or His Inner Circle won't get paid anything now: Bankruptcy Filing
SBF or His Inner Circle won't get paid anything now: Bankruptcy Filing

Sam Bankman made dark donations to political groups

We all know that Sam Bankman was involved with politicians and has made many dark donations to political groups. Recently, it was found that he had violated many campaign finance rules, and a 14-page indictment was filed against him. Prosecutors have also accused him of helping politicians and using improper means of hiding where the money came from.

Sam Bankman’s political donations

Before the entire FTX fiasco began, Sam was well-known for being friendly with the politicians and making a lot of donations. Prosecutors have discovered that user funds were diverted to Alameda research and then sent to political groups and misused in other ways as well. The problem with these campaign donations was first that they were user funds and, secondly, that they were hidden from the authorities and misused. Sam Bankman also used alias names to make donations exceeding the limits of political donations one can make.

Sam Bankman made dark donations to political groups and relatives
Sam Bankam Fried

Many other people were also involved with Sam Bankman Fried, who prosecutors did not name. According to the data from the watchdog OpenSecrets Sam Bankman, Nishad Singh, and Ryan Salame donated $70 million towards the midterms in 2022. Out of this, around $40 million was disclosed publicly.

Family ties of SBF

Many of Sam’s friends and colleagues also donated to charities and politicians. Sam also siphoned money to his brother’s charity which is an NGO, Guarding Against Pandemics. The NGO also received more than $12 million from Alameda Research since late 2021. Its website had all the details of the donations from FTX, but after the exchange filed for bankruptcy in November, all the data was removed from the website.

Nishad Singh also donated $1 million to Sam’s mother’s organization, Mind the Gap. It worked as an advisory group that helped Democrats raise campaign cash but never made public donations.

Sam Bankman’s Political connections are also one reason why people think he might end up like Epstein when he comes to the United States. This is why people are saying that it is best for him to disclose the details of the FTX collapse when he can.

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