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Samsung forced to halt chip production in Austin


The Winter Storm Uri has brought with it a swarm of power outages in Austin, Texas due to which many industries’ businesses are halted temporarily. Samsung, just like the others, temporarily halted its chip production facilities in Austin. Shutdowns across the region were ordered as 200,000 Austin homes were without power because of the Storm.

Samsung’s statement on the matter

Samsung said in articulation that with earlier notification, fitting measures have securely been taken for the offices and wafers underway. The organization will continue creation when force is reestablished.  On Tuesday, Austin Energy affirmed it had requested its greatest clients to close down, in spite of the fact that it’s dicey and still unsure of how long they were without power.

Are other production facilities equally affected?

It is still not sure if the production of Apple’s Mac Pro has been affected by these shutdowns or not. Technical observation tells that it is most likely to be halted as well. Big established manufacturers like Infineon Semiconductors and NXP Semiconductors were also reportedly shut down.

The shutdown and its possible repercussions

Reports highlight the fact that the closure can cost Samsung millions, particularly if producing measures were abruptly intruded. Tom’s Hardware takes note of that in March 2018 a spontaneous brief blackout at one of Samsung’s plants in South Korea brought about harm to a huge number of wafers, equivalent to 11 percent of its NAND flash yield for the month. In any case, given Samsung had earlier notification of the Austin closure, it probably maintained a strategic distance from any harm.

Samsung’s Austin plant began mass assembling memory chips in the late 90s, and throughout the years has created DRAM, NAND, and portable processors. Samsung’s site cites that it’s principally centered on delivering chips with a 14nm process. A new report said the organization is thinking about building another chipmaking plant in the locale, equipped for creating processors as advanced as 3nm.

Austin Energy General Manager Jackie Sargent said in remarks revealed by the Statesman that the energy organization had at first requested that modern clients attempt to monitor energy, and had additionally had a go at utilizing reinforcement generators to help the circumstance. Nonetheless, in the end, Sargent says the producers must be approached to close down totally. Sargent said that they contacted their biggest clients, and in association with them, they shut down their offices.




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