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Samsung Pay will soon be your proof of COVID-19 vaccination

Samsung Pay
Source: Daily Advent

Samsung has recently announced to introduce COVID-19 records in Samsung Pay so that you don’t have to carry your proof of vaccination everywhere you go. Samsung Pay will soon be your digital proof of vaccination that you can show at restaurants, events, offices, or anywhere, as and when it is required.

Samsung has recently announced to join hands with CommonHealth app, a non-profit company, to digitize COVID-19 vaccination records and integrate with Samsung Pay. The company is clearly working to make our lives easier by having us keep our vaccination records on hand, as mentioned in a report by Engadget. In order to process this, users must authenticate their records through the affiliated CommonHealth app, and then they can add the mentioned details in their Samsung Pay wallet to have that information recorded for convenience and use.

COVID-19 has struck the world so damn hard that it has changed the way people think and carry out their day-to-day activities. However, as the wave is on the lower end for the past few months, the United States is pushing the peddle on vaccination and according to recent reports, the administration is planning to roll out booster shots for people who were vaccinated in the early rollouts and front-line workers for protection against the fast-spreading delta variant of the novel coronavirus.

Anyways, it is still on the downslope for many months now and people have begun to come out of their houses. In this COVID-19 era, proof of coronavirus vaccination is essential to carry like Driving License, and Samsung is making it easier for people to carry it in a digital format on their Samsung Pay for convenience, so that they don’t forget the most important thing in today’s time, at home.

Other than this, Engadget notes that the feature is only rolling out to a limited number of devices for its initial phases and will expand to all compatible devices by the end of this week. In this age of privacy, both these companies are ensuring 100 percent safety and privacy of user’s information and COVID-19 vaccination status.

If Samsung has announced to do this, there is no way in the world that Apple will miss the chance. Apple Inc. could also introduce this feature on its Apple Wallet that could make it super-convenient for iPhone users, wherever the proof of vaccination against coronavirus is required.