Samsung Wants to Give You a Prize Pack for Playing Fortnite

Samsung has started off with a new contest for the fans of “Fortnite” and also giving away playtime with the game’s top streamer and lots of extra gaming devices to the winner. There is also a sliding catch: The Samsung Galaxy Squad Contest is only open to the fans who have the Galaxy “Fortnite skin” and players who have that type of skin should be, in practice, those who own a Galaxy Tab S4 or Galaxy Note 9.

If you have the Galaxy Skin, you are eligible to enter into the contest till the 30th of September. First of all, the grand prize winner will get to play “Fortnite” with the “Ninja” Blevins live on Twitch for around two hours. So, have the Galaxy skin ready because that is the squad who looks, according to the contest rules.

Samsung is also providing the lucky winner a “cross-platform gamer pack” which is going to worth over USD 5000 and it includes a 49” gaming monitor, new AKG N700NC wireless noise headphones, and a 65-inch TV.

Nowadays, Ninja is the most popular streamer which is having around 11 million followers on the social media platform Instagram.

First three winners of the game will also be going to get a cross-platform pack of electronic goodies and the other 100-second place winners will be getting the AKG wireless headphones.

To participate in the contest, all you need to do is to submit a photo or video featuring the “Fortnite” galaxy skin on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags “#NinjaGalaxySquad” and “#contest.”

Winners will be selected in October, which is when the grand prize winner will stream with Ninja.

Picture Credits: Engadget