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San Jose Sharks will soon start accepting BTC and Doge

San Jose Sharks is a professional ice hockey team based in California. They have become the first NHL team to announce the plan to start accepting BTC and Dogecoin from the next season. These methods will be mainly accepted for tickets and also for few other things. In order to make this happen, the NHL team has planned to partner with BitPay. It is a payment service provider based in Atlanta and is used by many companies to accept crypto payments.

The plan!

San Jose Sharks has said that it will accept crypto payments for tickets, sponsorship, leases, and other large payments. This is a big move because until now, the only teams we were hearing about embracing crypto were from the NBA. Another great thing about this development is that BitPay lets their merchants keep crypto as it is. This means San Jose Sharks are also going to become a large crypto holder if they don’t liquidate anything.

San Jose Sharks

Image Source: Reuters

As of now, the entire list of cryptocurrencies they plan to accept is not out, but it is going to include dogecoin and Bitcoin for sure. BitPay also has support for many other stablecoins and also ETH, BCH, and Wrapped Bitcoin. All in all, this partnership is going to great for the team and also for the crypto industry.

Other teams that have embraced crypto

Crypto has penetrated the sports industry quite deeply. You can easily find teams that have started to accept cryptocurrencies for ticket payments and other stuff. One of the most popular names on the list is Dallas Mavericks, owned by Mark Cuban (Skeptic turned follower). Then we also have players who are not accepting 50-100% of their salary in Bitcoin. The Oakland A’s baseball team is also another major name that has recently started accepting Bitcoin.

Usage is increasing

While Bitcoin was made as a peer-to-peer currency, it is mostly being treated as a medium of investment. But these teams, stores, and many websites are actually pushing the use of Bitcoin and either cryptocurrency as a payment method. This is what it’s supposed to be and what will make it replace another form of payment method that is centralized. Cryptos are in a delicate stage right now, but this is actually the beginning of a revolution in the financial industry.

What are your thoughts on the NHL team San Jose Sharks accepting crypto as a payment method? And do you think that the markets are going to recover soon? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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