Founder and Vice president of Info Edge Sanjeev Bikhchandani
Source: Forbes India

Sanjeev Bikhchandani gives a thumbs up to Agneepath

Founder and Vice president of Info Edge Sanjeev Bikhchandani
Source: Forbes India

The founder and vice chairman of Info Edge. Sanjeev Bikhchandani has raised a thumb to the newly launched Agneepath Scheme by the Indian Ministry. He posted a series of tweets sharing his views about the scheme. The Indian Entrepreneur and Investor explained in his blog post how this new scheme will shape the youth in their late teenage and early twenties.

Bikhchandani said that working for the Indian Army, Navy, or Air force will not only give a foundation to these young individuals but also provide them with an excellent learning center where they will be trained both mentally and physically. When a youth of the country will join the armed forces in their late teens or early twenties even for 4 years, he or she would come out as a well-defined and skilled person along with a graduation certificate.

Furthermore, getting excellent training would develop a feeling of service and dedication in them at an early age which will aid them in their future to reshape themselves to fit into any of the job options whether in the private sector or public sector.


He also mentioned in his tweet that getting an employment opportunity in the private sector does not confine to the security services but also includes the positions in sales, services, back offices, etc. According to him many of these Agniveers could witness a huge growth in the management jobs.

Adding more to his tweet Bikhchandani wrote that previously, people used to retire from the Indian Armed Forces in their forties or fifties which limited their job options but now these youths will retire from their duty in a short period which will bring them a huge amount of job opportunities. According to him, though these people would be trained for defense purposes they would be at a very young age to be reshaped for a completely different role.

Bikhchandani cited the examples of countries like Israel and Singapore where the youths give their duty to the Armed Forces for two years after completing their high school and then come out and then establish a successful career in the private sector. Apart from this many B-schools in the United States admits several youngsters who have served in defense forces earlier and they do well in their academics and career.

He believes that most of these Agniveers will prove to be very successful and skilled people in the private sector.

Lastly, Bikhchandani said that he is not writing this tweet in support or opposition of any political party and neither wishes to be dragged into any political crossfire.

Earlier today many big industrialists have also come out in support of the Agneepath Scheme and offered an opportunity for recruitment to the Agniveers in their companies.