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SAP Introduces Affordable ERP for Startups: Available at Uneecops!
Startups and small businesses can now get the benefits of an integrated ERP solution backed with SAP’s advanced technology at the most affordable price ever. SAP launched this new product under the ‘Global Bharat’ initiative for MSMEs to make them competitive globally.


Entrepreneurship is the new buzz in the industry and young & vibrant people are embracing this trend earnestly. If a startup has the right idea, concrete strategy, and potential technology to adhere to, no challenge can stop a potential young business from flourishing into an enterprise. 

However, the easier it sounds, the more difficult it is to execute. Also, the big check investments in maintaining the startup businesses remain the constant constraints for the leaders because of limited capital, budget, and resources. Access to decent technologies is a challenge again owing to their high-end costs, complex operating behavior, and implementation schedule. But, thanks to the new Cloud technology, startups, and small businesses can now turn their ambitions into reality without spending unnecessary costs on IT infrastructure, hardware maintenance, and in-house IT support staff. 

One such technology based on Cloud infrastructure has been recently launched especially for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by SAP – SAP Business One Starter Package, under ‘Global Bharat’ initiative to make this business segment more future-ready with digitally advanced technology and strategies. 

SAP Business One Starter Package is available at SAP Platinum Partner Uneecops Technologies Ltd. for just INR 3,999/- per user per month. With a track record of 500+ successful SAP implementations, Uneecops’s skilled SAP professionals are helping all young startups and small businesses to enter the league of digitally mature businesses and gain an edge in the market with increased productivity and profitability using this solution. 

Let’s dig a little deeper in this new initiative by SAP and learn how it can make a difference to your fast-growing startup business.

Global Bharat Initiative by SAP

 With the aim of making MSMEs globally competitive, SAP has launched The Global Bharat program in association with NASSCOM Foundation, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and Pratham InfoTech Foundation. The program works on the same lines as the Government of India’s intent to empower the MSME sector by rendering them:

  • Access to Global Marketplace 

Here, MSMEs can become a part of the SAP Ariba Network by registering themselves as the supplier and can get exposure to the global customer marketplace with no fees involved.

  • Access to Digital Skilling

Here, MSMEs can avail free courses to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Finance, Productive Technologies, soft skills, etc. to adapt to the new working culture.

  • Access to Digital Technology

Under this initiative, MSMEs and startups can benefit from SAP’s advanced Cloud technology – SAP Business One Starter Package at just Rs. 3,999/- per user per month starting with as minimum as one user license through a trusted SAP Partner, like Uneecops Technologies Ltd. 

These initiatives will help fast-growing MSMEs and startups transform their businesses digitally to be able to provide better products and services to their customers with enhanced efficiency. 

Let’s learn more about this ERP solution for startups and small businesses in detail to power the growth objectives of this business segment. 

Affordable and Efficient SAP ERP for Small Businesses and Startups

SAP Business One Starter Package ERP is a comprehensive solution to manage and integrate all your fundamental business processes including Accounting and Finance, Inventory and Distribution, Sales and Purchase, Supplying Chain, CRM, and Reporting. The solution is ready to implement with Cloud offering and an implementation schedule of 15days. 

The solution comes with pre-configured best practices of SAP Business One that can be customized further to unique business requirements empowering the organization with one single application to manage and streamline the core business processes. Also, as the business grows – the solution can be upgraded to SAP Business One without making any further configurations.

SAP Business One Starter Package for Small Businesses and Startups enables you to gain greater control and visibility across your business with real-time business insights through powerful reporting tools and easy to use mobile application. Moreover, the software is compliant with all Indian tax requirements, namely: GST, e-way bills, e-invoicing, TDS, etc.

That means, benefits of SAP Business One ERP software but at much lower cost and reduced complexity.

Closing Note

Startups are believed to possess more growth appetite than a mature enterprise, thus, the entrepreneurs need to see the big picture of the organization using a single ERP application than investing time and efforts in disparate business tools and legacy software. An integrated, efficient ERP solution can help young businesses quickly adapt to the changing market conditions while enabling greater productivity and profitability in the company. 

So, get over this big-time myth that ERPs are only for large businesses. This newly launched product by SAP is proof that small businesses and startups have the potential capabilities to grow and compete with the enterprise giants. If you are a startup/small business too, it’s the right time to get in touch with the most trusted SAP Platinum Partner – Uneecops Technologies Ltd. and turn your growth potential into real results. Uneecops will guide you through your digital journey to make the process even simpler and its cutting-edge services will help you leverage the solution at its best. 

So, start your digital transformation journey with Uneecops Technologies Ltd. today!



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