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SEBI working on mobile app for e-voting to facilitate retail participation

SEBI is now working on the mobile application for the e-voting by retail investors of listed companies to facilitate the greater participation in the management proposals, especially with those who are related to the corporate governance.

Moreover, the regulator revealed that it now has a plan to offer relevant links to the recommendations of the registered proxy advisors to retail investors in a bid to facilitate such investors in making informed decisions on the proposals of the listed entities.

“In order to ease the process of casting e-voting thereby facilitating greater participation of the retail investors, the designing of a common mobile app for e-voting is in progress,” the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) said in its annual report for 2018-19.

Further, Sebi said, “the option of providing relevant links to the recommendations of Sebi registered proxy advisors is also under consideration.” This move will help investors in making informed decisions on the proposals of the listed entities.

In continuing with the initiatives that have taken in the previous years to strengthen the norms for the governance in the securities market, inn 2019-20 SEBI will review the existing disclosure framework pertaining to environmental, governance and social-based disclosure relating to the business integrating reporting and responsibility report.

“Effective governance is a necessary and important tool for protecting the interests of various stakeholders, particularly small investors, in the market. This has been and will always remain an important area of focus for Sebi,” the regulator noted.




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