‘Send Putin to Jupiter’ fundraiser raises 16 Crore

Putina.net, established under the Ministry of Digital Transformation, mocks Putin’s stalled invasion of Ukraine and promises to send “the bloody dictator far, far away.”

The government department hopes to raise $100 million (£76.5 million) in total, and donors are encouraged to send a minimum of $2.99 (£2.29) to ‘purchase a rocket.’

However, Ukraine’s vice Prime Minister, Mykhailo Fedorov, revealed that the funds raised would be used to support Ukraine’s armed forces and the restoration of the country’s cities and towns after Russian shelling. The ‘Send Putin to Jupiter’ fundraiser has so far raised more than $2,123,000. (Rs16 crores). With the funds raised, Ukraine intends to construct a ‘rocket’ that will transport the ‘dictator’ to a nearby planet.

If the Ukrainians succeed in their plan, Putin will face a journey of at least two years when the two planets are closest to each other, approximately 360 million miles apart.

However, at their furthest point, 601 million miles, a single journey will take more than a half-decade.  Diia, a Ukrainian-owned State Enterprise, is behind the fundraising account, which has been approved by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the United States Congress. In his address to the Capitol Visitor Center, Zelenskyy emphasised how Ukraine was under Russian aggression, with missile strikes and shelling still ongoing in most cities. Despite this, Ukraine’s President stated that his country has not considered “giving up.”

“I have the honour to greet you on the behalf of the Ukrainians- the brave and the peace-loving people, who for 8 years have been resisting the Russian aggression. Those who gave up their sons, and daughters to stop this full-scale war. Right now, the destiny of our country is being decided, the destiny of the people- whether Ukrainians will be free, whether they will be able to preserve their democracy. Russia has attacked not just us, not just our land, our cities. It went on a brutal offensive against our values…basic human values. It threw tanks and planes against our freedom, against our right to live freely in our country choosing our own future,” according to Zelenskyy .