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Shiprocket invests in D2C brands

Shiprocket has now collaborated and partnered with Startup India initiative. The aim of this partnership is to explore and support the D2C brands in India and across India. The basic motive and goal of the investment will be to accelerate the growth of all the D2C brands in the country. India is an emerging market and it is very crucial to support our Indian entrepreneurs. Moreover, it is also important to support and invest in the young blood of India. Startup India is one of the biggest platforms that helps young entrepreneurs to emerge and also helps them to grow their businesses.


What is D2C?


D2C businesses are those kinds of commerce that manufacture the product and directly sell it to the customers through their online stores. The main difference between D2C businesses and other businesses is that D2C directly provides its customers with their products without the need of any third party. This is a very modern and new kind of business which is very different from the traditional modes of commerce. D2C has been increasing in the country and these business models are continuously appreciated by big entrepreneurs.


Investments and applications


The investments that will be put up by Shiprocket will not only be in terms of monetary investments but also in terms of guidance and support.

Saahil Goel in a file photo

Credits: shiprocket

The assistance and one to one guidance of shiprocket will be provided to only those entrepreneurs that are shortlisted and selected through the rounds. If we talk about other monetary benefits then, shiprocket has promised to provide 1 lakh in cash grants and additional 50k in shipping benefits to the entrepreneurs. The startups can apply in the rocket fuel D2C accelerator which anyone can find on Startups India portal.


Atmanirbhar bharat


Our country is moving towards initiatives like Made in India and Atma Nirbhar Bharat where we are the producers, we are the consumers and we are the investors. It is good to see that young D2C entrepreneurs are being supported on the grounds of India. The D2C businessmen, if assisted regularly and with great enthusiasm then it will help each and every household in India. It is also necessary to support local entrepreneurs so that our vision of Made in India can be fulfilled not only across the nation but also across the globe.



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