Photo by Barbara Olsen
Photo by Barbara Olsen

How to choose a good horse racing betting app

Horse racing can trace its roots back to Ancient Egypt. Through the centuries, this sport has remained a popular pastime, unifying the nobility and commoners alike. It is no wonder then that this sport of kings has made it into modern times. 

Gone are the days of only having a handful of apps or websites available at our disposal, but in a world filled with choices, how do you find a good horse race betting app for your mobile device? When looking for a horse racing betting app, there are a few things to consider, such as ease of use and features. In this article, we look at what makes a good horse racing betting app.

Photo by Barbara Olsen
Photo by Barbara Olsen

What makes a good horse racing app?

A good horse racing app has several features that contribute to making it either a mediocre or a great app. A combination of some of these factors listed below will determine how the app functions and looks, which will ultimately influence the user’s choice.


When choosing an app to use, you want to consider the bonuses on offer. Oftentimes bonuses can be the deciding factor between two very similar apps. The bonuses that these horseracing apps commonly feature could be welcome bonuses for signing up, rebate offers on losses, or the very popular extra places offers that give you a second chance at winning. In addition to having great bonuses and promotions, it should be easy to take advantage of these bonuses. 

Safety and Security

Any betting platform, whether an app version or website, must show that it is licenced and registered by a gambling authority. In the UK, that would be the UK Gambling Commission. This means that the operator is held to high standards to ensure safety and fairness. Because you are sharing private and sensitive information, such as your banking information, be sure to check that the cybersecurity is top-notch and that the horse racing app has an SSL encryption certificate.


Depth of Markets could be an important factor in determining whether or not an app is a top pick. When looking to place a bet on your chosen race, you want options beyond picking who the winner of the race will be. Popular markets include the “Win”, where you pick the winner, or “Place”, where you select between two horses and if either wins, then the bet pays out. The “Double bet” pays out when two horses are selected to come in at 1st and 2nd place. The “Bet Show” is one of the more straightforward bets to place. The chosen horse simply needs to finish in the top 3 positions of the race. Of course, there are many more markets. Just make sure that those you usually play on do feature in the app.

Ease of Use

A good horse racing betting app or mobile-friendly betting website has an easy-to-use interface. While looking aesthetically pleasing, it has to be easy to navigate between settings and functions. Look for an app that offers good banking options with uncomplicated steps. Ensure that placing multiple bets, viewing odds and tracking your bets is a smooth process. You shouldn’t have to toggle between many tabs. It’s also vital that you have access to all in-app features, such as live streaming, up-to-date information and notifications for any upcoming events.

Customer Service

Customer care is one of the most important aspects of a horse racing app, as no one wants to miss placing a bet because of a minor issue that could be resolved in seconds. There should be no reason punters cannot access 24/7 customer care via a live chat, telephone or email. It’s also vital that customer queries are answered quickly and efficiently to resolve the issue at hand. Another form of customer service is the FAQ section, which should cover a vast range of topics and be thoroughly explained. 


Choosing the right horse racing app comes down to personal preference and style; thankfully, there is no shortage of apps to choose from. There are a few fundamental features that all horse racing apps should have. The top priority is safety and security, followed by markets and odds. A great horse racing app should have a user-friendly interface, so punters never miss the chance to place a bet on their favourite horse.