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SilverPush Raises $5Mn From FreakOut Holdings Pvt Ltd

SilverPush, which is a mobile and re-targeting platform, owned by the SilverEdge Technologies Pvt Ltd has now secured $5 Million in the funding round of Series B which is led by the FreakOut Holdings Pvt Ltd, which is a Japanese Marketing Company. The company has confirmed the funding round in posts on Twitter and Linkedin.

SilverPush, operates and works in South Africa, Egypt, Asia Pacific, and UAE. Its platforms help to deliver personalized ads to the smartphones of users who have displayed interest in the goods and services.

In the year 2015, SilverPush had secured Rs 9 crore in the funding round of Pre Series A led by the M&S Partners, which is a Japanese based early investor.

With the help of a SilverPush technology platform, customers can quickly and gradually identify and discover which of their users are on the smartphone. It has some of the products like the “Integrate” and “Find.” The company as of now has its presence in Singapore, and some of its prominent clients include the Nestle, Cadbury, Coco-Cola, and Unilever.

SilverPush was founded by the Hitesh Chawla, Alex Moon, and Mudit Seth in the year 2012.

Picture Credits: SilverPush



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