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Sir Trevor Mcdonald will be the new Gamesmaster

Sir Trevor McDonald has been confirmed as the new Gamesmaster for the revival of the classic TV series. With the famous show, to be broadcast later this year, fans have been trying desperately to figure out who will be the new face in the robot helmet, originally owned by astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. Sir Trevor McDonald is best known for his career as a news anchor on ITN but now he is entering the TV van by stepping into the arena for a new gig on the show.

new Gamesmaster

Credit @ E4

The most famous show, set to return to E4 this year, has fans waiting to see a new face in a robotic helmet created by astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. The classic game returns to this year’s E4 after months of speculation about who would take on the role of the astronomer.

Sir Trevor McDonald will compete against the great floating head in Channel 4 “s rebooted Gamesmaster TV show. E4 is relaunching the game show Gamesmaster, with Sir Trevor McDonald taking on the title role. Last month, we learned the identities of the three new hosts of the rebooted game show.

Legendary British broadcaster Sir Trevor McDonald will be the face of the E4 Gamesmaster reboot when the iconic format returns after 25 years of airplay.  McDonald has been confirmed as the new game master, as the Game Show Gamesmaster hosted by comedian Robert Florence will return later this year.

new Gamesmaster

Credit @ E4

The channel, which is due to be released later this year by E4, announced its host lineup for September’s first television program dedicated to video games. The exact broadcast date has not been announced, but the show will begin soon. Robert Florence worked as a creative consultant on the show as a writer, actor, and presenter, and has written and appeared in a number of BBC comedies, including Burnistoun Scott’s computer game show Videogaiden.

In the first British show dedicated exclusively to video games, Gamesmaster presented the host as a robotic talking head who, as Gamesmaster, gave viewers tips on games. Participants competed for a golden joystick in a variety of games and challenges. In the game show, he set challenges and watched competitors fight virtual battles in various games to win the golden joystick trophy. E4 has announced that it will bring back Gamesmaster in a three-part series.

When E4 announced the return of the Gamesmaster, fans were concerned about who would take on the hosting role of Sir Patrick Moores. If you are old enough to remember that Moore invaded you and your little TV colleagues, criticizing frightened players and their techniques, you will know the iconic role he played in the 1992 cult series broadcast on Channel 4. Deadline reports that McDonald’s will inherit the mantle from Moore, and will comment on the various challenges the show faces.




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