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Slots Malfunctions: How to Avoid Errors by Playing Free Aristocrat Pokies


Slot machine malfunction occurs whenever a slot cannot achieve a completely random selection process. In this case, it reverts to a tilt mode. It stops carrying out its basic functions. These faults might happen if there is improper maintenance of these machines or poor handling by gamblers during gaming sessions. Take, for instance, in Nevada, there are at least 200,000 slot machines that are operating at all times. It is only natural if slot malfunction happens on rare occasions.

Online Slots Malfunctions

Just like all machines, online slots free play tend to malfunction on rare occasions. Sometimes, a faulty machine might make a beginner think they have won a jackpot when they actually have not. Other types of malfunctions might manifest in the form of display error, mechanical error, or settings error. These errors might be due to several reasons, including bad maintenance and poor design. This is an activity that involves cash and because of this, any malfunction can result in an issue between gamblers and online casino operators. Some common errors punters experience while playing slots are discussed as follows:

!!Aristocrat slots are freezing

There are instances when slots for free experience disconnection or freezing issues. These problems can be a result of connection issues between online casino servers and the player’s device. When these issues happen, your game cannot be lost even if it stops playing on your screen. This is because all games are played on secure servers, instead of personal computers. This ensures that results are recorded even if you are not watching the games play out. When you are playing free pokies Aristocrat requiring you to make a selection on your screen, you can continue playing from the point of disconnection. Simply close the browser and return to your game. 

Certain Slot Machine Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, during a gaming session, slot machines stop working. It becomes difficult and often impossible to spin reels. This might be due to connection errors, which might occur at any time while browsing the internet. In many cases, this issue cannot be completely avoided. For instance, while trying out your favorite slot for real money play, you might hit the spin button, but nothing happens. There are certain steps you can take to rectify these errors:

  • Reload your web page: There are times when you get no response while playing slots. This is an error that prevents you from accessing your slot to keep playing. Some casino sites keep refreshing and updating their sites. Reloading a page ensures that you can access the newer page version.
    Clear browser cache, cookies: Cookies ensure that web developers can present users with more convenient and personal web visits. However, these cookies can slow your web browsers down. They occupy space on your browsers, even though they are small. 
  • Change browser: Different browsers vary in the way they are designed. For instance, Opera has achieved a leading role when used in mobile devices and smartphones. There are certain casino sites that do not support some browsers. When a malfunction occurs, try another web browser.
  • Reboot your computer: When you have a hard time connecting to a casino site, you can try to reboot your computer. Reboots speed up the performance of your computer. Clearing the RAM ensures that your computer can operate quicker without the need for any temporary files, which could pile up on your computer’s memory.

Casino Apps Won’t Work

Several casino operators present their punters with an improved gambling experience through their mobile apps. However, there are instances when players find it difficult to access these mobile apps. This could be due to issues with your device or internet connection. Certain steps might help you fix these issues:

  • Close casino app and reload. Sometimes, online casino apps might malfunction or stop working due to bad updates, insufficient memory, corrupted cache files, among others. Reloading the app after closing it might fix the issue.
  • Reload your device and play pokies online for free. In many cases, when your RAM is almost full, your device becomes very slow and you find it hard to access several apps, including casino apps, reloading your device clears the RAM and makes your device work faster again. Play Aristocrat pokies online Australia free real money and enjoy
  • Delete and download the slot app. Oftentimes, a bad app malfunctions a lot. It might stop working or become hard to navigate. In this case, you might simply need to uninstall a particular app and download a newer one.
  • Install the latest version of Android or iOS on your device. Besides its vulnerability to cyberattacks, software without an update deprives users of an opportunity to enjoy the new features, including faster and secure browsing. This might just be what you need to fix that casino app malfunction.
  • Reach out to the app support. Whenever you find it hard to fix casino app issues by yourself, it is only right to contact the app support to provide you with instructions on how to move forward. They are available to help you solve issues related to casino apps.

Can’t Connect to Online Casinos

Sometimes, there are certain issues that are unavoidable, which you can experience while gambling. One of these is an inability to connect to online gambling sites. This might be due to an exceeded data cap or high latency. The provider’s network might be congested. There are several steps that can help you fix these issues explained as follows:

  • Check your 4G/5G or Wi-Fi internet connection: The presence of too many cache files might cause your internet connection to slow down. You might just need to turn on and turn off your device’s airplane mode to boost your 4G/5G connection. You should also check your Wi-Fi settings to rectify any Wi-Fi connection issues.
  • Reboot router or check cable modem: Cable modems are responsible for converting analog data signals to digital forms through coaxial cables and internet cords that connect directly into devices or network routers. Checking the cable modem – to ensure perfect connection – or simply rebooting the router can help you solve connectivity issues.
  • Visit another casino site: This lets you know an error source. If the problem persists after trying out another casino site, it’s likely the issue is from your internet connection or device. However, this issue is on the online casino’s side if other casinos are accessible.

What to Do if I Mistakenly Close Aristocrat Pokie

Slot providers, including Aristocrat, understand that these mistakes might occur. For this reason, several provisions have been made available to tackle this. In cases like this when users inadvertently close slots after spinning the reels, they are able to complete this action and are successfully credited for any wins that might result from such spins. Game providers have also designed their slots to ensure that punters after closing slots are able to reopen the games automatically from the exact point such games were closed when players log back into their account.

Display Errors on Real Money Pokies

There are instances when free pokies online Aristocrat might erroneously display a larger number of credits won. You might see slot graphics not displayed appropriately. You might also see that the screen becomes pixelated or sound effects are faster or slower than the animations. In most cases, the cause for these display errors while playing an online slot for real money is a bad internet connection. Even though this is not so common, gambling becomes frustrating when it happens. 

Settings Errors of Online Slots

Technological advancement has ensured that several settings and functions have been added to online slots to improve users’ experience. In some cases, these settings are incorrectly set up. When this happens, it leads to a certain type of error. This cannot be termed as a malfunction. Rather, the online slots work according to how it was programmed even though the programming is a bad one. For instance, line up a winning combination, but the machine is set to a false jackpot amount.

Mechanical Errors

A common error video slots players will likely come across involves a machine showing a bunch of credits won, even though the player didn’t line up the jackpot symbol. The opposite is experienced with physical reels. In this case, the jackpot symbols line up while the machine claims that the punter has not won anything, or simply a little amount. When these happen, the computer inside the machine has chosen to display the right combination, while the physical reels won’t display the computer’s choice.

Aristocrat Free Slots 

Aristocrat is an Australian slot manufacturer, which is popularly regarded as the biggest pokies online free provider in the world. It specializes in releasing culture-themed slots for free games. Aristocrat operates in 90 different countries, with more than 200 free online slots with no download for players to enjoy. Its Latest acquisitions have made Aristocrat a dominant force in the online casino industry. It boasts several development studios in various countries, locations, such as the US, Asia, and Europe. Free pokies Aristocrat games are also available on several casino platforms, including StayCasino, Spin Samurai, PlayAmo, King Billy, and Casino Crown. 

  • Queen of the Nile. Aristocrat’s Queen of the Nile slot is characterized by 5 reels, 20 paylines, and an RTP of 95.6%. Its volatility level can range from medium to high. This implies they must manage their bankroll properly. This game’s wild is represented by Cleopatra icons, which have the power to fill in for every other icon besides Pyramid scatters. The gamble feature provides an opportunity to double your wins by making an accurate guess. Landing at least 3 scatters can trigger bonus features. Queen of the Nile free pokies can be played for fun and real money. To play free pokies online for real money, you should create an account with an online casino
  • 50 Lions. This is a classic online pokies free that was released by Aristocrat. With 5 reels, 4 rows, 50 paylines, and an RTP of 94.71%, 50 Lions slot takes players on a tour of Wild Africa. Animals you will come across in this game are Lions, Zebras, and more. You’ll find high-value cards, such as A, K, J, Q, and 10. A Lion icon represents this game’s wild. A wild flower is the scatter. An autoplay option allows for consecutive spinnings. The gamble feature presents an opportunity to double wins by predicting card colors. It runs smoothly on Android and iOS devices. Before playing, it is important to learn the slot strategy and tips and tricks to win online games.
  • More Chilly. More Chilly is a Mexican-themed free games pokies that was released by Aristocrat. It is characterized by 5 reels and 25 paylines. It has medium volatility and an RTP of 95%. This ensures that players can expect fair win sizes and frequency. A Sombrero Man is this game’s scatter. It can replace every other icon besides Money Bag scatters. New players should visit the paytable to familiarize themselves with top-paying symbols and features to target. An autoplay function allows you to carry out consecutive spinnings, which can be as many as 1000 automatic spins. You can enjoy this game for free to learn more about how it works.
  • Big Red. This pokies free games is available for fun or real money plays. Engaging in fun play requires no download or registration. Real money wagers are placed between 3 and 300 coins per spin. It has an RTP of 97.04%, as well as 5 paylines and 5 reels. It has an outback setting, with engaging soundtracks. Some animals you will come across are Kangaroos, Bears, Eagles, and many more. There is often an increase in the sound tempo whenever a win occurs. This slot represents one of Aristocrat’s most popular games. Big Red pokie machine runs smoothly on different devices, including iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Indian Dreaming free online pokies Australia boasts a unique 243 system, which promotes huge wins since adjacent icons can contribute to a winning combination. A Dream Catcher is this game’s scatter. This can trigger free spins bonus rounds. If you wish to engage in real money plays, must gamble at a legitimate online casino site. This game comes with a huge jackpot prize, which can pay out as much as 9000 coins. With a gamble option, you can double your wins. An autoplay option is also available to allow you to spin reels consecutively until you press the spin button. Your winning chances can increase when you bet on all active paylines.
  • Quick Hit. Quick Hit free slots Australia was released by Bally and is characterized by 30 paylines and 5 reels. It has an RTP of 94.45% and low volatility. With these, you are exposed to minimal risks. A Quick Hit Platinum symbol is this game’s scatter. When you manage to land 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you will be rewarded with 2×, 25×, or 5000× your wager respectively. The word “WILD” represents this game’s wild. This icon will pay out 20×, 100×, or 250× your bet when you land 3, 4, or 5 matching icons. You can also win 10×, 50×, or 100× your stake by collecting 3, 4, or 5 Triple Sevens respectively.
  • Safari Heat. Aristocrat’s Safari Heat slot features 5 reels and 15 paylines. You will find exotic wildlife in this game, including Zebras, Lions, Antelopes, among others. It has medium volatility, as well as an RTP of 96.16%. This game’s scatter is represented by an icon of a landscape against the setting sun. When you land at least 3 scatters, you can trigger as many as 15 free spins. Free games slots can pay out a 3× multiplier for every win. This free spins feature can be re-triggered. A gamble feature can double your winnings when an accurate card color guess is made.
  • Pompeii. Italy is rich in history and this encouraged Aristocrat to release its 5-reel Pompeii slot machine. The features and symbols in this game describe ancient Italy. Pompeii slots come with 10 paylines, an RTP of 95.45%, and high volatility. The best way to understand this game, besides studying paytables. To play for real money, your wager must lie between $0.50 and $125. You can improve your winning chances by wagering on all active paylines. Mount Vesuvius is this game’s wild icon. It can fill in for every other icon to form a paying combo.
  • More Hearts. Designed by Aristocrat, this slot boasts 5 reels, 5 rows, an RTP of 95.69%, and 25 paylines. Its bet size limit is set at $0.02 and $97.5. Bonus features can be triggered by landing at least 3 More Heart Logo scatters. You can win up to 12 to 15 free spins, depending on if you place an ante bet. This game’s wild is represented by a Diamond icon. It is the highest-paying icon. It can displace every other symbol to form a winning combination. An autoplay function can help you carry out a consecutive number of automatic spins. Aristocrat’s More Heart runs smoothly on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. 
  • 5 Dragons pokies  for free. Aristocrat’s 5 Dragons can be enjoyed for fun or real money play. The 5 Dragons pokies free is characterized by moderate to high volatility. It boasts 5 reels, 25 paylines, and an RTP of 95.17%. Real money wager can be placed between a bet size limit that is set at 0.30 and 120 coins per spin. A Green Dragon represents this game’s wild. It is capable of replacing every other icon besides the Yellow Circle scatter. There are several bonus features you can enjoy in this game, including free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, among others. An autoplay feature enables a consecutive number of spins. This free pokie games is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC devices.

How to Play Aristocrat Online Pokies Australia Real Money No Deposit?

The importance of selecting the right slot machine cannot be stressed enough. In terms of bet sizes, bonus features, game settings, playing the right slot will expose you to improved winning chances. Besides this, playing slots released by a top game provider, including Aristocrat, are less freezing and users derive more satisfaction from playing them than other slots. It is worth stressing that several recommendations are available to minimize the odds of malfunctions. Certain tips on how to play pokies are discussed as follows:

#1. Find out all the information about pokie machine that you want to play. There are several reviews that can enlighten you on what particular slots offer. Getting to know all about a game from the perspective of those with prior experience will guide you appropriately.

#2. Play free pokies games in the demo version. Demo versions allow you to play pokies for fun, without the risk or pressure. This acquaints you with the gameplay and rules of the game. You can study paytables to know more about symbols and symbols to target.

#3. Consider selecting online pokies real money with a small jackpot. Oftentimes, small jackpots are easier to win than big jackpots. As a player, especially a beginner, it is easier to start with slots that boast a small jackpot. You can also minimize your bet amount if you are a new player.

#4. Play max bet pokies with a progressive jackpot. Progressive slots present the chance to win a huge amount of money – up to millions or tens of millions of dollars. You will come across slots that will require a certain amount of bet for jackpot qualification.

#5. Check your internet connection. Having a good internet connection will definitely contribute to a good user experience. Certain glitches might be experienced when the network is poor. Before you play slots, ensure that you check how good the internet connection is.

#6. Update version of IOS/Android/Windows Phone before playing mobile pokies. Several slots demand certain OS requirements to function well. Having an updated version will increase the speed of your device, as well as add several top features that will improve your device’s performance

#7. Update Windows/MAC/Linux version on PC before playing online pokies. An updated version of a device’s operating system will ensure that you enjoy the latest features, which will improve users’ experience. This also ensures that your mobile device is compatible with your favorite slot’s requirements.



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