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Snapchat Acquires Bitstrips In A 100 Million Dollar Deal

26 March, 2016, USA: In an interesting move, Bitstrips has been acquired by Snapchat in a US $100 million deal. The Fortune reported that deal signed by both the firms is a mixture of both cash and stock; however, both the companies have declined to comment anything on the development.

Toronto based company Bitstrips, started its operations in 20017. The company enables its users to make their personalized comics and share it with their friends on Facebook and other social networking platforms. In 2014, the company shifted its focus to mobile and launched personalized emojis (Bitmojis) through iOS and Android.

Bitmoji is an emoji app that is equipped with millions of avatars which users can add in their messages to give an additional personalised touch to it. Still the picture is not clear on how Snapchat is planning to utilise Bitstrip’s services on its platform.

“Bitmoji was created to bring a sense of identity back to the digital conversations many of us are consumed by every day,” Ba Blackstock, CEO & Founder, Bitmoji.

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