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SOAL secured $1 million from Munjal Auto promoters’ investment arm

School of Accelerated Learning, a skilled tank nurturing students into disruptive, technology-empowered creators and future leaders, has secured a Series A1 funding round of around $1 million from the SARA Investments.

The startup will now going to utilize the funds for skilling 3000+ learners from the country and advance is digital footprint within the India and some other developing nations.

Speaking on the investment round, SARA Investments’ Anuj Munjal said,

“India has substantial potential to capitalise, owing to its massive population. Unfortunately, the discrepancies in the country’s formal education system keep it from fully tapping into this talent prospect. The country is still considerably lagging behind the global standards of contemporary education and innovation. Since digital is the only way forward, the youth needs to hone their skills in this direction.”

“The founding team at SOAL has made a brilliant headway in transforming the country’s youth into aspiring creators of digital products, and I wholeheartedly share their splendid passion,” Anuj added.



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